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DOHERTY CLANN-HELP NEEDED: I have e-mailed CAMERON DOUGHERTY, the main rep of the O’Doherty Family Research Assoc. (Clann) in the USA. Yet no response, so maybe he has changed his e-mail address or is on vacation? My late mother’s life, Mary Ellen (1908-2007) aka ‘Mother of Civil Rights‘, is to be remembered @ an award-ceremony, TOMORROW night in Chicago. By prior arrangement our family here in Derry, up until now, believed that Cameron would be there to accept it on our behalf. Does any “DOHERTY” on my FB know how to contact Cameron? Would any “Dohertys” in Chicago, who were supportive of the civil rights cause, represent our family, and accept the memorial award on our behalf, if Cameron is not at the ceremony. One of the key organizers is Richard Wallace who sent me the below e-mail TO-DAY. My thanks to anyone & everyone who can assist us @ this juncture. My e-mail is or send me a message via this FB page. Go raibh maith agat ! 
E-MAIL 2 ME 2 DAY follows:

I have not heard from your clan members here in Chicago. The dinner is this Saturday night in Brookfield, Ill, an inner suburb of Chicago. Please have them call me at 312-855-1300 or email me at Thank you. Richard

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Ten cuidado Aleida, l’encant d’Adams. Recordi nostra Gerry McGeough. Adams s’oblidi d’esmentar el nom de Gerry, però mai oblidar

Motivated purely by narrow-minded prejudice and animosity, the British Government in collaboration with the anti-Good Friday Agreement elements of Dissident Unionism are discriminating against Irish Republicans with impunity.


The effects of this aggressive Dissident Unionist Party policy of rewriting the terms of the Good Friday Agreement as promised in 1998 are experienced on a daily basis by those who suffer the consequences of an unwillingness to raise awareness and effectively hold these bigoted extremists accountable for their actions.


Gerry McGeough, Martin Corey, Marian Price and Gary Mac Adaim to name but a few. Let us not forget the prisoners on protest. Their families understand only too well the effects of non-aggressive pacts for fear of bringing displeasure to the Dissident Unionist Party under whom they serve at Stormont as they wield their imaginary power.


McGuinness spoke at the International OSCE conference in April, attended by representatives from 56 participating countries. Adams was in New York this month at The Clinton Global Initiative attended by over 1,000 people including heads of state and the former US President Bill Clinton.


Fantastic opportunities to embarrass the British Government and send Robinson and his intolerant cohorts into a state of unhappiness rather than remain seated in the Assembly Chamber while the Dissident Unionists become excited and aroused at the thought of yet another Irish Republican being held under a policy of selective internment based upon secret evidence or sentenced in the old-fashioned British Diplock court reminiscent of a Medieval inquisition.


Will Aleida Guevara be informed of the abuse of human rights against Irish Republicans and the injustice inflicted upon Gerry McGeough and his family during her visit to Ireland?


Ten cuidado Aleida, l’encant d’Adams. Recordi nostra Gerry McGeough. Adams s’oblidi d’esmentar el nom de Gerry, però mai oblidaré.

Libertad para Gerry

nrepentant Irish Republicanism – Punishable by isolation and Torture

There’s a lot of bits and pieces out there about Marian.. A lot of facts and figures,a lot of rhetoric by people who are currently shoring up the institutions of Stormont stating a very odd time how she should be freed without actively doing anything or even threatening to do anything about the draconian jailing.. not a lot about her pain and suffering.. her isolation, her mental torture..her boredom, separation from loved ones and friends, her inability to communicate with anyone barring a couple of hours a week, her arthritis , her lung infections, rapid deterioration in health.. A veil drawn over her internment by the establishment and the invented laws and deliberate destruction of legal documents admittedly destroyed by the British government to help guarantee her continued imprisonment and torture.

Outside of the usual loop, there is a deliberate withholding of details about how POW s in Maghaberry are spending virtually every minute of every day stuck in small cells living in their own faeces and urine.. The unbelievable stench.. health implications, the routine assaults, the clothes being torn or cut from their bodies until naked, the humiliation.. the pain, the cuts and bruises, the lukewarm food being deliberately soiled before being thrown into the shit filled cells for human beings to eat.. This is every minute of every day.. There is no escape from the conditions for the men, many of whom have been interned under blatantly falsified circumstances.. Not for them “Innocent until proven guilty.. They have their sentence of torture inflicted on them from the very minute they get trailed from their homes.

The thoughts should fill our heads most hours of the day that whatever we do during the day to break the monotony, fill our days, eat, sleep, drive, drink, entertain, spend time with our partners… that these POW s and Internees face this shit filled reality every waking minute of every single day.. Do we feel guilty.. We should! We should feel pangs of guilt every short while that maybe we aren’t doing enough to raise the issues of torture and abuse and every second, minute, hour we put off highlighting the situation and trying to reignite the resolution that was binned by the British authorities following the successful agreement of August 2010 is another second.. minute.. hour.. day.. week.. month .. year….. that we unwillingly condemn our friends to live in the stench and the torture.

The Internment is non discriminatory, nor the torture.. Marian Price is not interned for anything she has done.. She is Interned and tortured for what she says and thinks..There for the grace of god go a lot of others with similar thoughts and ideologies..- Derry Sceal.


Oppose British Sectarian Policing




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