Mrs. Aysha Ahmad Qattash left her home at 3:30 pm on 2 Febrary 2013and disappeared after the shelling on Moadamiyet Sham

Where is Aysha Ahmad Qattash?
Mrs. Aysha Ahmad Qattash left her home at 3:30 pm on 2 Febrary 2013 and disappeared after the shelling on Moadamiyet Sham.
She is 6 months pregnant, she is from Hama.
The missing lady had on a pink short sleeved maternity dress on top of a white woollen sweater. There is a scar on her left shoulder from a surgery.
Could anybody with any information about the missing woman contact the Missing and Martyrs page.
Would you please share this picture widely in the hope that someone may recognize her.
May God reward all those who help with all the best things.

مفقودة : عائشة أحمد قطاش
المنطقة : ريف دمشق – معضمية الشام
التاريخ : 2 – 2 – 2013
مواليد : حماة مورك
الحالة الاجتماعية : متزوجة

السيدة عائشة خرجت من منزلها في المعضمية يوم السبت الساعة 3.30 عصراً فقدت أثناء القصف, ولم تعد حتى الآن.
علامات مميزة :
“حامل بالشهر السادس. 
“وكانت ترتدي طقم للحوامل زهري اللون, نصف كم, و تحته كنزة بيضاء صوف.
كما لديها علامة ندبة بسبب عملية بكتفها الايسر عند عظمة الترقوة.”
نرجوا ممن يعرف أي معلومات عن المفقودة مراسلتنا وتزويدنا بها
وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل ….
يرجى مشاركة الصورة مع الإعجاب بالمنشور
و مساعدتنا بالنشر في التنسيقيات فربما يكون نشرك لها سبب في عودة المفقودة لأهلها .
و جزاكم الله عنا كل خير .



Imagine getting killed in a faraway land, and no one noticing.

This young man is described as Caucasian, aged 18-25 and 167 centimetres tall (about 5′ 5″), with a slim build, short brown hair and facial stubble. He bought a Myki card at Williamstown Railway Station at 2.11pm on 13 September and it is believed he spent the day riding trains between Williamstown and Flinders Streetstations.

Police understand he spent the next day riding trains back and forth along the Belgrave line.

Someone, somewhere, must know who he is.

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Please download this picture and post it about and I also ask all shop keepers anyone that works with the public to bring the awareness out to everyone. Thank you

Urgent – Volunteers required in the Machynlleth area

We need volunteers to search for a five year old girl who went missing at 7.30pm last night (1st Oct). Please go to the Leisure Centre at Machynlleth and speak to the co-ordinators in the Sports Hall. The police are asking that all people use their own networks, including social media, to get this message out.

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Please share my mom’s flier. I know she has been missing several years. But she has been confirmed alive 3 years ago. She changes her name due to mental health issues. I know shes out their. Please help me get her face out in the public eye!

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    • Today
  • Evansdale Iowa
  • FLIERS: SHIRTS: girls have been missing since 12:30pm Friday July 13, 2012. The search parties including; helicopters, blood hounds, k9 s&R teams, diving teams, foot searches and door knockers haven’t been able to locate these girls. The search will continue until the girls are found by local and volunteer surrounding Law Enforcement. Including the FBI, DMV, DCI, Sheriffs and more professional law enforcement teams then I can count. I am pretty sure every Law enforcement agencyin the state and others is on this case, even if we don’t see them in town.Lyric Morrisey is 10 and Elizabeth Collins is almost 9. Lyric is the daughter of Mysti Cook Morrisey and Dan Morrisey & Elizabeth is the Daughter of Drew Collins and Heather COOK Collins. You may know Drew and Heather from Johnsons Bakery & Planetary Tree Service. Both Families attend Vineyard Churches and are active in the community.

    This is completely out of character for either of the girls and time is running out to bring them home safely. At this time, it appears to be an abduction. But there are really no more details. It isn’t believed that the girls are off with a friend and or got lost.

    If you have information you feel would aid the OFFICIALS in finding Lyric and Elizabeth, please contact Evansdale Police at (319)232-6682, Black Hawk County Sheriffs at 319-291-2515, CALL 911 or the FBI TIPLINE: 402-493-8688. Your efforts and positive intentions are truly appreciated but should not be posted to this event page.*

    *Any posting of information related to official search and rescue, etc. will be removed from this page, as will negative, derogatory and offensive comments. NO rumors will be milled here. We will delete ANYTHING that law enforcement hasn’t released to the media or we are NOT getting directly from the family. Please do not post links to celebrity websites on this event and remember, the family and potentially the perps are on this page too. Moderators do include law enforcement, family members, friends of the family and a few others to help keep up with the overwhelming popularity of this page. The ultimate goal is to find the girls. Anything posted that could harm the integrity of the family, moderators or the investigation will be deleted.*

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Each one of you can pass out hundreds, if not thousands, of Amy’s missing flyer on Facebook simply by tagging all your friends in it. Each time you tag one person, all their friends will see Amy’s flyer on their newsfeed. The flyer has the link to this page and flyer download links. Please take the time to tag your friends.!v=3306139 Part 1 of the show is our interview