• MASKED men removed CCTV footage from the scene of the paramilitary-style shooting which led to Sean Kelly‘s arrest. The detention of the Shankill bomber – who was released unconditionally yesterday – sparked a public row between the first and deputy first ministers and angry criticism of police by Sinn Fein.
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    Mr Robinson clamed the 39-year-old’s arrest raised ” potentially grave consequences ” for the political process – a claim Mr McGuinness said was ” frankly ridiculous “. Sinn Fein claimed Kelly was released within an hour of detectives being granted a 24-hour extension and described the episode as ” an example of shoddy policing “. UUP justice spokesman Tom Elliott questioned why police initially described the sh.yooting as paramilitary-style, only to say it was not paramilitry-related and then revert to the original position. The mother of 18-year-old victim Padraig McAleenan said yesterday he had been in the operating theatre for 10 hours and called for those responsible to be ” locked up and put down “. However, it has emerged that security footage from Flax Centre in Ardoyne, close to where the teenager was shot three times, has been removed. The Irish News  understands that as staff arrived for work yesterday morning, two masked men entered the complex, locked them in an office and took the material away. Police confirmed that they were ” aware of an incident ” and were investigating the circumstances. Staff were locked in an office and warned not to make statements to police. It is not known if detectives had gathered forensic evidence or security footage prior to the removeal of the  mmaterial. Padraig McAleen, known as ‘Doot ‘, was shot three times at the entrance to the centre at around 8.30pm on Tuesday. From the OOld park area of North Belfast, he spent 10 hours  in the operating theatre of the Royal Victoria Hospital after one of the bullets passed through his bladder. With a lengthy criminal record for theft, assault and riotous behaviour, has received death threats from dissident republicans in the pa past. More recently his name was linked to an attempted armed robbery at the Flax shooping complex. His mother Margaret McAleenan said yesterday that his pelvis has been damaged and he is likely to remain in hospital for some time. She denied accuastions that her son was involved in the distribution of drugs but confirmed he was recently released from prison after serving a jail term for rioting. Police said yesterday that the investigation into the ” suspected paramilitary ” shooting was still ongoing. North Belfast Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly last night strongly criticised the arrest, described it as ” an example of shoddy policing “. ” At no time during any of the interveiws  was any evidnce either forensic, eyewitness statements, anything, put before Sean Kelly to explain why he was arrested,” he claimed. ” In fact when the PSNI went to court to seek an extension of his arrest they admitted that there was no evidence whatsoever against him. ” Within an hour after getting a 24 hour extension from the court, and without further questioning, Sean Kelly was released unconditionally.” Gerry Kelly said the PSNI Serious Crime Branch has ” qquestions to answer in arresting a high-profile republican who has always supported the peace process “.





LEADING flag protester Willie Frazer last night insisted that he was still a spokesman for the Ulster People’s Forum after a ” heated ” showdown with chairman Jamie Bryson. On Wednesday Mr Bryson issued a statement on behalf of the group saying it ” no longer validates Willie Frazer as a spokesperson “.

However, the controversial victims campaigner said he did still speak for the forum after meeting Mr Bryson and other members at a Belfast hotel yesterday. The forum was set up by angry loyalist in the weeks after December 3 when Belfast City Council voted to restrict the flying of the Union Flag at the city hall to 18 designated days each year. Since then the forum has been central in organising flag protests across the north. Sources said yesterday’s meeting was ” heated ” and that at times voices were raised as the two men clashed over the form’s future. However, they appeared together afterwards to say they had put their disagreement behind them and were now ” fully united “.

The protest leaders fell out last month after Mr Bryson (22) announced that the forum was abandoning the tactic of blocking public roads in favour of white-line pickets. Mr Frazer branded the policy shift a ” mistake ” and questioned whether the forum had approved the move. The statement issued by the forum on Wednesday followed a meeting of the group that evening. ” Unfortunately recent statements made by Willie Frazer in the media are contrary to some of the views, plans and agreed polices of the Ulster People’s Forum,” it said. ” We have invited Willie Frazer to various meetings to discuss and resolve these issues. Unfortunately he has chosen not to accept these invitations. ” The Ulster People’s Forum no longer validates Willie Frazer as a spokesperson and the committee stands over the statement made by Ulster People’s Forum on January 30. ” The committee wish to make clear that Jamie Bryson is the only officially elected spokesperson of the Ulster People’s Forum and has their full support.” However, after yesterday’s meeting Mr Frazer said : ” The aims and objectives of the organisation have not changed and the whole thing is moving in the same direction as it started out in. ” It was admitted that communications were a problem and in future nothing will be done until it is run past the full committee and myself. ” The whole thing about white-line pickets and roadblocks is that it’s down to the people in their own areas what they do.” Mr Frazer (52), formerly head of south Armagh victims group Fair, said the flag issue must be resolved. ” It’s going on now for 10 weeks and we need to get this sorted out before the marching season because we don’t know where it will end up,” he said.



A SENIOR fire service manager at the heart of a whistle-blowing controversy has resigned. According to sources, Terry McGonigal, director of finance and performance management, has decided to leave the service.

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There have been three investigations into NI Fire and Rescue Service after whistle-blowing allegations

Three years ago, whistle-blower employee Linda ford, was suspended from her high-profile accountancy role for almost a year after she had raised the alarm on financial wrongdoing. Last year she received a record £20,000 compensation payout from the fire service. The mother-of-one also received a personal apology from the most senior civil servant at the Department of Health, permanent secretary Dr Andrew McCormick, for the ” unacceptable ” handling of her case. An independent investigation last year found Ms Ford and a second senior finance worker had been moved to other jobs or locations over the previous three years after launching grievance cases against Mr McConigal. The investigation reported that internal correspondence sent by a former acting chief fire officer, Louis Jones, in July 2010 recommended that Mr McConigal receive a precautionary suspension until both cases had been resolved. Following Mr Jone’s retirement, his successor Peter Craig decided that the finance chief would not be suspended – a move criticised by the investigators who said it was based on ” unsound logic “. Ms Ford has returned to the fire service but has not gone back to her previous accountancy role because some of her grievances remain outstanding. Mr McGonigal’s resignation comes before former fire service chiefs are to appear before Stormont’s health committee in the coming weeks.


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Gordon Dunne Supports "Giving Voice"...

Gordon Dunne Supports “Giving Voice” Event (Photo credit: DUP Photos)

A DUP assembly member has been lambasted over claims that the media ” exploited ” and ” overplayed ” the impact of the loyalist flags protests. North Down MLA Gordon Dunne said that coverage of two months of protests and violence – which has cost the economy an estimated £20 million and left about 100 police officers injured – had been badly handled by the press.

He was speaking after the Stormont enterprise committee heard about the devastating impact on trade in Belfast city centre. ” There is no doubt the media have overplayed the whole thing in relation to protests and that in itself has been detrimental in terms of bringing people into Belfast,” he told the committee. He added :75876_479938392064421_72248622_n ” The images of Northern Ireland in the last two months have been very negative. ” They’ve been wrong and the media certainly exploited it and they have used it and abused it.” Mr Dunne sits on the same council as Michael and Christine Bower, the two Alliance councillors whose Bangor home was targeted on December 6 by loyalists after Belfast City Council voted to restrict flying the Union Flag.

His comments were criticised last night by Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle who described them as ” ill-judged and wide of the mark “. ” It is solely the responsibility of the protesters and those behind the violence,” he said.


Mrs. Aysha Ahmad Qattash left her home at 3:30 pm on 2 Febrary 2013and disappeared after the shelling on Moadamiyet Sham

Where is Aysha Ahmad Qattash?
Mrs. Aysha Ahmad Qattash left her home at 3:30 pm on 2 Febrary 2013 and disappeared after the shelling on Moadamiyet Sham.
She is 6 months pregnant, she is from Hama.
The missing lady had on a pink short sleeved maternity dress on top of a white woollen sweater. There is a scar on her left shoulder from a surgery.
Could anybody with any information about the missing woman contact the Missing and Martyrs page.
Would you please share this picture widely in the hope that someone may recognize her.
May God reward all those who help with all the best things.

مفقودة : عائشة أحمد قطاش
المنطقة : ريف دمشق – معضمية الشام
التاريخ : 2 – 2 – 2013
مواليد : حماة مورك
الحالة الاجتماعية : متزوجة

السيدة عائشة خرجت من منزلها في المعضمية يوم السبت الساعة 3.30 عصراً فقدت أثناء القصف, ولم تعد حتى الآن.
علامات مميزة :
“حامل بالشهر السادس. 
“وكانت ترتدي طقم للحوامل زهري اللون, نصف كم, و تحته كنزة بيضاء صوف.
كما لديها علامة ندبة بسبب عملية بكتفها الايسر عند عظمة الترقوة.”
نرجوا ممن يعرف أي معلومات عن المفقودة مراسلتنا وتزويدنا بها
وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل ….
يرجى مشاركة الصورة مع الإعجاب بالمنشور
و مساعدتنا بالنشر في التنسيقيات فربما يكون نشرك لها سبب في عودة المفقودة لأهلها .
و جزاكم الله عنا كل خير .


Captain Padraig Quinn, Graignamanagh, was a member of Na-Fianna Eireann. He joined the Irish Volunteers on its incaption.

Captain Padraig Quinn, Graignamanagh, was a member of Na-Fianna Eireann. He joined the Irish Volunteers on its incaption. He went onto be an active member of Sinn Fein, and then joined A Company Fifth Batt. Kilkenny Brigade I.R.A. when the Fifth Batt. set up a Flying Column he was one of the first to join and was involved in all its major operations including the Coolbawn & Uskerty Ambushes. On the formation of the National Army in 1922, he joined with the rank of Captain, and became O.C. C’company 47th Battalion Waterford Command.
In c. 1923 he married Miss Pearle Mackey of Gowran, when his best man was Michael O’Carroll, O.C. Graig Comp. 5th Batt. and Flying Column member, who fought with him at Coolbawn and Uskerty Ambushes.

Then in 1936 when Gen. Eoin O’Duffy organised for an Irish Brigade to fight in the Spanish Civil War, he joined, and experienced action for most of the war. On a later visit back to Spain, together with his comrades Peter Cleary and Seomas O’Cuinneaghan, 1948, they received an audience with the Spanish leader Gen. Franco, and he was presented with the extremely rare gilt and enamel cross “Al Merito Civile”. Captain Padraig Quinn died on 23 August, 1980.



Big news for the Scottish-speaking community of Glasgow as the establishment of a second school teaching through the medium of the Scottish language is announced. From the BBC:

“A second Gaelic school is to open in Glasgow to meet spiralling demand for bilingual education.

The £800,000 facility, which will house up to 200 pupils, will be located in Pollokshields. It is part of a five-year plan to revitalise the language.

Work will begin in September with completion expected in early 2015.

The city’s first Gaelic School opened in 1999 for primary pupils, then relocated to the site of the former Woodside Secondary School in 2006.

The Scottish government wants to double the number of five-year-olds going into Gaelic classes over the next five years.

Currently 1% of young Scots are learning the Celtic language of their country, compared to 7% in Ireland and 21% in Wales.”

The 21st century revival of…

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