• MASKED men removed CCTV footage from the scene of the paramilitary-style shooting which led to Sean Kelly‘s arrest. The detention of the Shankill bomber – who was released unconditionally yesterday – sparked a public row between the first and deputy first ministers and angry criticism of police by Sinn Fein.
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    Mr Robinson clamed the 39-year-old’s arrest raised ” potentially grave consequences ” for the political process – a claim Mr McGuinness said was ” frankly ridiculous “. Sinn Fein claimed Kelly was released within an hour of detectives being granted a 24-hour extension and described the episode as ” an example of shoddy policing “. UUP justice spokesman Tom Elliott questioned why police initially described the sh.yooting as paramilitary-style, only to say it was not paramilitry-related and then revert to the original position. The mother of 18-year-old victim Padraig McAleenan said yesterday he had been in the operating theatre for 10 hours and called for those responsible to be ” locked up and put down “. However, it has emerged that security footage from Flax Centre in Ardoyne, close to where the teenager was shot three times, has been removed. The Irish News  understands that as staff arrived for work yesterday morning, two masked men entered the complex, locked them in an office and took the material away. Police confirmed that they were ” aware of an incident ” and were investigating the circumstances. Staff were locked in an office and warned not to make statements to police. It is not known if detectives had gathered forensic evidence or security footage prior to the removeal of the  mmaterial. Padraig McAleen, known as ‘Doot ‘, was shot three times at the entrance to the centre at around 8.30pm on Tuesday. From the OOld park area of North Belfast, he spent 10 hours  in the operating theatre of the Royal Victoria Hospital after one of the bullets passed through his bladder. With a lengthy criminal record for theft, assault and riotous behaviour, has received death threats from dissident republicans in the pa past. More recently his name was linked to an attempted armed robbery at the Flax shooping complex. His mother Margaret McAleenan said yesterday that his pelvis has been damaged and he is likely to remain in hospital for some time. She denied accuastions that her son was involved in the distribution of drugs but confirmed he was recently released from prison after serving a jail term for rioting. Police said yesterday that the investigation into the ” suspected paramilitary ” shooting was still ongoing. North Belfast Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly last night strongly criticised the arrest, described it as ” an example of shoddy policing “. ” At no time during any of the interveiws  was any evidnce either forensic, eyewitness statements, anything, put before Sean Kelly to explain why he was arrested,” he claimed. ” In fact when the PSNI went to court to seek an extension of his arrest they admitted that there was no evidence whatsoever against him. ” Within an hour after getting a 24 hour extension from the court, and without further questioning, Sean Kelly was released unconditionally.” Gerry Kelly said the PSNI Serious Crime Branch has ” qquestions to answer in arresting a high-profile republican who has always supported the peace process “.


Captain Padraig Quinn, Graignamanagh, was a member of Na-Fianna Eireann. He joined the Irish Volunteers on its incaption.

Captain Padraig Quinn, Graignamanagh, was a member of Na-Fianna Eireann. He joined the Irish Volunteers on its incaption. He went onto be an active member of Sinn Fein, and then joined A Company Fifth Batt. Kilkenny Brigade I.R.A. when the Fifth Batt. set up a Flying Column he was one of the first to join and was involved in all its major operations including the Coolbawn & Uskerty Ambushes. On the formation of the National Army in 1922, he joined with the rank of Captain, and became O.C. C’company 47th Battalion Waterford Command.
In c. 1923 he married Miss Pearle Mackey of Gowran, when his best man was Michael O’Carroll, O.C. Graig Comp. 5th Batt. and Flying Column member, who fought with him at Coolbawn and Uskerty Ambushes.

Then in 1936 when Gen. Eoin O’Duffy organised for an Irish Brigade to fight in the Spanish Civil War, he joined, and experienced action for most of the war. On a later visit back to Spain, together with his comrades Peter Cleary and Seomas O’Cuinneaghan, 1948, they received an audience with the Spanish leader Gen. Franco, and he was presented with the extremely rare gilt and enamel cross “Al Merito Civile”. Captain Padraig Quinn died on 23 August, 1980.


Great tor see Gerry McGeough home to is family.

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The decision by the British Injustice system to keep Marian Price incarcerated following the death of her sister Dolours is disgraceful, though not surprising given their history of anti Irish sentiment and their blatant miscarriages of justice that are recognised worldwide.
Marian Price was jailed purely and simply as a scapegoat for the British government and a sop to Unionists: Not as they’d have you think for anything relating to justice.
She was granted a pardon in 1981 and released.. This pardon which would have proved that she had been released on behalf of this and not the license system was subsequently and admittedly destroyed by the British.The ramifications of a government subverting justice systems through the systematic destruction of evidence cannot be stressed enough.This weekend we will once again take to the streets in memory of those murdered by the British army on behalf of the British government. We can once again see that 41 years on, civil rights are still a privilege for a chosen section of the community as opposed to parity for all.Marian price, like Gerry Mc Geough, like Martin Corey and countless others have been excluded from proper justice, removed and incarcerated….Interned!
We ask people to make themselves heard… It is an absolute disgrace that Marian cannot grieve her sister.. Having once again been granted bail, the bitter sectarian system once again closed ranks to ensure that they could attribute blame without trial..
Demand that Marian be released! End British injustice! End British Internment!Rest in Peace Dolours..




FIRST Minister Peter Robinson said organisers of loyalist protests who refer to police as the ” terrorist PSNI ” should not be listened to. The DUP leader hit out at protesters who attacked police in east Belfast on Thursday saying their actions were ” a disgrace, criminally wrong and  cannot be justified “.

He said unionists should ignore those protest organisers who criticise the PSNI. ” It will be enough for any unionist to know the organisers of the protest movement are not to be heeded when they hear them refer to the police as the ‘ terrorist PSNI ‘ and describe police officers as ‘ Nazis ‘. This is language borrowed from the republican handbook,” he said. Loyalists have protested almost every night since Belfast councillors voted on December 3 to only allow the Union flag to be flown on designated days over city hall. Mr Robinson said he and other unionists are also angry at the vote but claimed protest organisers were only interested in attacking the DUP. ” It is not about the flag, the Alliance Party, Sinn Fein or the erosion of culture.

It is a straight-forward politically motivated attempt to undermine the DUP as the voice of unionism despite our attempts to oppose the removal of the Union Flag in Belfast,” he said. He also criticised calls by some organisers for the north to come under direct rule from Westminster again. ” This is the Direct Rule that left unionism powerless and put Sinn Fein in the driving seat with a Dublin government fighting the nationalist case while the British government remained neutral,” he said. ” Let these so-called ‘leaders ‘ set out their case as to how Direct Rule will get the flag back or aid the unionist cause.”

Meanwhile, Secretary of State for the North of Ireland Theresa Villiers said the violent protests were damaging the north’s image across the world. ” Northern Ireland is in a global race for investment and jobs and we need to be projecting the reality of a forward-looking, modern Northern Ireland, not one which is tied up in the kind of conflict which is associated with its past rather than its present,” she told BBC Radio Ulster yesterday.