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Children with PTSD suffer significant distress or negative impacts on their daily lives. Estimates of the prevalence of PTSD in children and adolescents experiencing trauma are generally very high, at 30% to 40%. PTSD is also strongly associated with a range of other mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse.

What are the main symptoms of PTSD in children?
As with PTSD in adults, PTSD is diagnosed in children by the presence of three main symptom groups for at least a month:
1)recurrent and intrusive recollections of the trauma
2) avoidance of stimuli such as thoughts, feelings or conversations associated with the trauma
3) symptoms of anxiety

However, PTSD may be more difficult to diagnose in children as their reactions can differ from adults. Symptoms of PTSD may be expressed in children as behavioural problems, developmental regression, physical symptoms and more generalised fears.

What causes PTSD in children?
The types of traumatic events that can cause PTSD include:

1)exposure to war
2)natural disasters
3)physical or sexual abuse
4)violence to themselves or others
6)serious injury or life threatening injury or illness

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About Donna Gillies

Donna Gillies BIGDonna studied Biochemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Sydney, obtaining her PhD investigating the neuropharmacology of schizophrenia in 1996.

For the past fifteen years, she has worked with clinicians as a researcher and research methodologist; the past eight of those in the Western Sydney Mental Health network.

She has extensive experience in managing research projects, published widely in international peer-reviewed journals, and has been a statistical and topic reviewer for a range of international publications.

Donna has a strong interest in systematic reviews and evidence-based practice and has published systematic reviews and meta-analyses in a range of areas. She was the elected Author Representative for the Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group for six years, and a member of other key groups within the Cochrane Collaboration.

Donna’s major research interest is in Mental Health but she has worked as a researcher on a range of other health-related areas.



The decision by the British Injustice system to keep Marian Price incarcerated following the death of her sister Dolours is disgraceful, though not surprising given their history of anti Irish sentiment and their blatant miscarriages of justice that are recognised worldwide.
Marian Price was jailed purely and simply as a scapegoat for the British government and a sop to Unionists: Not as they’d have you think for anything relating to justice.
She was granted a pardon in 1981 and released.. This pardon which would have proved that she had been released on behalf of this and not the license system was subsequently and admittedly destroyed by the British.The ramifications of a government subverting justice systems through the systematic destruction of evidence cannot be stressed enough.This weekend we will once again take to the streets in memory of those murdered by the British army on behalf of the British government. We can once again see that 41 years on, civil rights are still a privilege for a chosen section of the community as opposed to parity for all.Marian price, like Gerry Mc Geough, like Martin Corey and countless others have been excluded from proper justice, removed and incarcerated….Interned!
We ask people to make themselves heard… It is an absolute disgrace that Marian cannot grieve her sister.. Having once again been granted bail, the bitter sectarian system once again closed ranks to ensure that they could attribute blame without trial..
Demand that Marian be released! End British injustice! End British Internment!Rest in Peace Dolours..