BRITISH Army intelligence officers argued over whether Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams should be murdered by the gang who shot dead Pat Finucane.

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Secret intelligence documents released within a report on the murder of solicitor Mr Finucane suggest the army’s shadowy Force Research Unit (FRU) was encouraging UDA agent Brian Nelson to organise a murder plot. However, other sections of the intelligence services were fearful of the consequences of the army being connected to the killing of an MP. The intelligence report dated May 21 1987 notes that they were ” perturbed that FRU have paid insufficient regard to the wider implications of this operation”. It adds : ” If the attempt on Adams is to be repeated particularly before the general election ( and Nelson’s links to the army revealed )… then British intelligence and ( the government ) could face accusations of having conspired in the murder of a prospective MP with all the attendant adverse consequence.” The intelligence report author feared that FRU was pushing to ” re-enforce ” Nelson’s ” standing with the UDA “.

The army and the RUC halted the plan to place a bomb on the roof of Mr Adam’s car by increasing ” activity ” in the area. Mr Adams had survived being shot three times in a UDA attack three years earlier. Yesterday the family of Mr Finucane, above, dismissed Sir Desmond de Silva QC’s report. His widow Geraldine described it as ” a sham…. a whitewash…. a confidence trick “. Mrs Finucane renewed her call for a FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY into the murder of her husband in 1989. She said the British government had suppressed the truth and attempted to put all blame on dead individuals and disbanded organisations while exonerating ministers, serving officers and existing security agencies. ” Yet another British government has engineered a suppression of the truth behind the murder of my husband, Pat Finucane, ” Mrs Finucane said. ” At every turn it is clear that this report has done exactly what was required – to give the benefit of the doubt to the state, its cabinet and ministers, to the army, to the intelligence services and to itself. ”



Report on Pat Finucane murder to be released on 12 December

Pat Finucane was shot dead in 1989

Pat Finucane was shot dead in 1989

The British government is to publish a review into the killing of Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane on 12 December.

The murdered solicitor’s family have campaigned for a full public inquiry to be held, a demand refused by the British authorities.

The murder of Mr Finucane in front of his wife and family in 1989 was one of the most controversial killings of the Troubles.

It was carried out by loyalist paramilitaries with numerous allegations in the aftermath that British security forces colluded with the killers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has accepted collusion took place and apologised to the Finucane family but refused to establish a public inquiry – opting instead for a review of the evidence.

This was carried out by the London-based lawyer Desmond de Silva and is to be published next month.


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A Regiment Of Snow Whites?

Libertad para Gerry

The UDR was formed in 1970 and replaced the disgraced B Specials. UDR members were involved in the Miami showband massacre and have been linked to the Dublin and Monaghan bombings that killed thirty-three people. Intelligence documents show that more than two hundred British army rifles and sub machine guns were passed to loyalists.

Excerpts from a British Government document state:

Downing Street knew that significant numbers of soldiers were linked to loyalist paramilitaries, but failed to act… there can be little doubt that subversion in the UDR has added significantly to the weapons and ammunition stocks…and military skills of Protestant extremist groups …a fair number of UDR soldiers have been discovered to hold positions in the UDA/UVF… there have been a number of reports of UDR soldiers giving weapons training to UDA, UVF and OV extremists …a number have been involved in overt terrorist acts”.

“Weapons have been stolen from UDR soldiers at home or on the way to work…it is likely that a number of these raids or hold-ups were carried out with the foreknowledge of the subject…in many cases ex-UDR weapons are the only automatic and semi-automatic weapons in their possession”.

“There is strong evidence that they have been in the hands of the most violent of the criminal sectarian groups in the Protestant community…this weapon has been used in at least 12 terrorist outrages…the weapon was also used in a kidnapping…drive-by shootings at groups of Catholic youths…circumstances may well arise in which all the weapons stolen from the UDR may well be used… they would form a most significant part of the armoury of the Protestant extremists”.

A Regiment of Snow Whites?

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Allegations of Collusion in murder of Alan Ryan raised with ILDC

It has been brought to the attention of the ILDC that serious concerns surround the murder of Alan Ryan in Dublin earlier this year. There have been questions posed in relation to the state’s role in targeting, policing and investigating Alan Ryan in both his life and death.

These reports are strikingly similar to the circumstances of assassinations during the early 1990′s in Northern Ireland by loyalist paramilitaries against republican activists, with the alleged assistance of both the RUC and military Intelligence.

The ILDC have pledged to look into these allegations but insist that human rights abuses by the state must be investigated and to turn a blind eye to such murders undermines the entire essence of both Law and Democracy.

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Raymond Gilmour who was a British agent in the IRA. Gilmour used to wear light trousers when he was on active duty so his handlers knew not to shoot him. Volunteers at the time would mostly be unemployed but Brit money was their 30 pieces of silver.Because they were of the informer mindset, their iq would be that as room temperature. They spent freely and were sussed. However Gilmore got away.Donaldson and Scappachi set up innocent men as informers inc the murder of an innocent girl to cover his tracks. The point here are scum-bags are creating a reason for People to have their pc,s etc confiscated by their false accusations. These scumbags are usually covering their own vile secrets by accusing and setting up innocent people here on fb. The Police know the accusations are false but it gives them the excuse to look in pc,s for other stuff of Political nature. These scum-bags rumour mongers are the same as low life infornmers and are plentiful on here. So if you hear a load of Republican talk , a few questions on history shoul raise doubts. Anotherexample would be a mouthpiece who thinks the UDR emblem is Republican because there’s a harp on it. All these pms can be proven to all UDR friends etc on here.

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A PROSECUTION witness in a Provisional IRA membership case claims police are opposing attempts to have the defendants named in open court. The West Belfast women, who says she was forced into cooperating with an IRA investigation more than a decade ago, has argued that the reporting restriction potentially puts her life at risk by ” fuelling speculation within the community “.

The highly unusual order, granted using Contempt of Court legislation, bans identification of three men and two women charged with belonging to a proscribed organisation between 1999 and 2000. During a short hearing last month the prosecution said the alleged victim wants the restriction to be lifted. However, she claims police have since told her they intend to challenge her request. Yesterday police said : ” As with any court case the final decision whether to lift reporting restrictions lies with the court and is based on the wishes of all of the victims involved in a case. ” All involved have to be in agreement before a court could lift the reporting restrictions on any case.” Believed to be virtually unprecedented in any paramilitary case.

English: A republican wall mural in coalisland...

All five defendants are charged with belonging to a proscribed organisation on dates between September 1999 and 2000, namely the Provisional Irish Republican Army, as well as organising a meeting in support of the PIRA between August 1 and August 31 2000. During a hearing in August of this year, in which the defendants – three men and two women – did not appear, a ban on revealing their names was granted at Belfast Magistrates Court at the request of the defence and without objection from the prosecution. The restriction was granted under Contempt of Court legislation. However, later last month the prosecution said the alleged victim now wanted the reporting restrictions lifted. The case was adjourned until September 20, when a magistrate will consider arguments.


However, the alleged victim has said she has since been contacted by the PSNI who have stated despite her wishes they intend to challenge the lifting of the ban. She has claimed that keeping the restrictions in place is ” Fuelling speculation within the community and potentially putting my life at risk “. ” I am also of the opinion that the media should have the right to name the defendants “, she said. A spokeswomen for the PSNI said yesterday : ” As there are currently reporting restrictions on this case we cannot comment on it. Reporting restrictions granted under the Contempt of Court Act, once only applied in the most extreme of circumstances, are now being enforced more frequently in the courts in the North of IrelandPicture by  Derry Sceal

While the PIRA case is believed to be the first time legislation has been used in a paramilitary trail of this type, there have been similar reporting restrictions issued in other cases in recent months. Last week District Judge Paul Copeland, sitting at Banbridge Magistrates Court, ordered the identity of a man accused of possessing indecent images of children to be with-held for his ” health and safety “. The 50-year-old Co Down man was released on bail. In August a Derry magistrate banned the media from naming three men charged with possession of drugs worth an estimated £150,000 after defence lawyers argued that releasing their details would place them at risk of attack from dissident republicans. A 27-year-old women described in court in Derry as ” a significant figure ” in the supply of drugs was granted anonymity last week along with a 19-year-old women charged over a £13,000 drugs haul. They were identified only by their court numbers during the hearing on Friday after a judge was told there could be threats to their lives by ” third parties “.


ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11, Central thesis – that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true

English: 9/11 Commision Report cover. Español:...

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11, 

Central thesis – that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true. This brand new feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government‘s account.

Featuring presentations from intellectual heavy weights; Gore Vidal, and Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, the film challenges assumptions surrounding the attacks. In the words of the Italian daily newspaper, Il Corriere de da Sera, “What results is a sequence of contradictions, gaps, and omissions of stunning gravity.”

The importance of this film can not be overstated. If its thesis is correct, the justification for going to war in Iraqis built on a series of outrageous lies.On Tuesday 26th February, Europarlementarian Guilietto Chiesa invited his colleagues and the press to attend the screening and debate of the Italian-produced documentary named ‘ZERO, an investigation into the events of 9/11’. Object of the screening was to create political awareness of the faulty official investigation into the events by the 9/11 Commission.Besides Mr Chiesa, the panel consisted of Japanese parlementarian Fujita, Dr David Ray Griffin, film distributorTim Sparke & the director and producers of the film.After his opening statements, Mr Chiesa welcomed his guest speakers, including the producers, director and distributor of the documentary. Mr Chiesa pointed out that he was unable to find any distributor in his native country of Italy and was happy to find a company in the UK, led by Mr Tim Sparke, to handle worldwide distribution of this important film. ‘It is important to realize,’ he emphasized ‘that the movie was made thanks to contribution and donations of hundreds of citizens who feel a new investigation is more than warranted.’ No less than 450 people worked on this documentary on a voluntary basis. They never received any kind of payment. Their reward is the movie itself, which they feel is an instrument to create awareness and a means to provoke a political debate in Europe.

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