About fathers blessing…

Children’s laughter and childrens tears Childish joys of childhood years Fondest memories of our once happy home It’s not death that bring the pain I would face it all again But it grieves me me so to leave you are not alone. Some days I find it really hard to cope with all the pain. Sometimes the grief is to heard to bear your loss was so hard to handle and bear I love you mum with every once of my Hart and I kept ( the promise) you know that xxx **secrets never to be told**  – 


Do the wee ones still sigh When they hear their Daddy’s name? Do they sadly ask you why I won’t be home again? How hard it is to know I’ll never see them grow Let my dying bring for them a better life

May they never know the fears That have blighted my young years Nor the shackles that have bound my native land May they see the joy of life And not cruel civil strife Foreign laws imposed by brutal strangers’ hands


Let them grow in love and truth Let them blossom into youth Guided by their mother’s loving hand Let them cherish Ireland‘s pride For this Joe McDonnell died Let them know their father loved them and his land



4 comments on “About fathers blessing…

  1. Na cheilteach,Gaeilge,Dhilis lehEireann says:

    A Thiarna den Throcaire ar anam Mairtin agus le gach dthrigiotoir ar hEireann.
    Great words in a fitting tribute and a thought for those left in mourning.

  2. Michael Moran says:

    I’d lie to learn Gailge any suggestions for websites etc.

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