Derry Sceal 

Internment is a present day reality and is a tool which is being used and manipulated by the British Government, aided and abetted by their underlings in Stormont and Crown force stormtroopers to incarcerate innocent Irishmen and women, placing them in the hands of their torturers within the British gaols in Ireland. 

Former opponents now in the employ of the British would have you think that Internment has been resigned to history with their obvious lack of opposition to the ongoing brutality within the gaols and the nefarious legislation used to place Republicans in harms way.
Sinn Fein opposed 28 day detention when it was mooted.Marian Price has been detained in excess of 450 days..The silence has been deafening..The situation where Republican Internees have been forced onto Dirty protest living in faeces covered cells day and night has been hushed..The power junkies do not want this publicised as it goes against the grain of the normalisation they attempt to portray while the gravy train still has steam.
The enforced strip searches in which British riot squads are called into the gaols to rip and cut clothes from prisoners, apply pressure points to the men they have beaten to the ground, forcibly violate every orifice of those they have brutalised,punch, kick, butt, baton…Solitary confinement is also being used as a torture mechanism by the British state.
The reason for this?… They have no reason barring a power trip for those inflicting the torture on behalf of the British government who appear to feel they have carte blanche to do so given the silence of those who suffered previously but now have a chip in the game.
Internment has been allowed to return together with the Diplock court system,Supergrass trials,obvious tampering and falsification of evidence, criminalisation of non British ideologies, accepted UK tagging of an Irish city (although a certain party are telling their rank and file that they are Republishing this by not prefixing the UK when discussing it in public) Where would you get it?
Innocent Irishmen and women are being deliberately set up by a wholly corrupt regime to face torture on the whim of a foreign government.Where is the opposition to the blatant disregard of human rights laws? Where is your opposition? Support the POWs! Support the Internees! Oppose the new and ongoing British miscarriages of Justice! IRPWA

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