Internment and Torture 2012

In 1971 a British campaign was launched which saw Irish citizens summarily Interned for holding what they would have considered Nationalistic/Republican ideals.The Internees were removed from their families and placed into what can only be described as a modern day Concentration camp.

In 1981, 10 men laid down their lives in Long Kesh to smash the Criminalisation  of Republican POWs by the British.This followed a prolonged no wash (dirty) protest within the gaols in which the men (and women in Armagh gaol) protested against the infliction of a criminal tag by the colonists on their struggle for Irish freedom and the attack on their ideology.
In present day Ireland, Internment is becoming more and more overt: obvious falsified charges levelled; Evidence admittedly destroyed;Solitary confinemnt used as a Torture mechanism; ongoing Dirty protests to remove the tag of Criminalisation once again forced upon Irish Republicans by the Brits; Forced strip searching which consists of a squad of sectarian screws in riot gear ripping/cutting the clothes of Republican POWs and Internees, beating, violating the bodies, applying pressure points and the ritual humiliation associated;food tampering and witholding of food.POWs also find themselves confined to the Urine and faeces covered cells on a 23 hour lockup .. The list goes on….
Marian Price is amongst a group of present day Internees in British gaols and has now passed a landmark of 500 days Interned in Solitary confinement.She remains chronically ill as a result of her continuing maltreatment at the hands of thugs in the employ of the British.
The situation within MagHaberry gaol continues to be allowed to deteriorate as as the poachers turned gamekeepers in Stormont ignore the ongoing torture and brutality, their seats and wages in a toothless puppet British sub parliament enough to keep them hushed.
Irishmen and women are at this minute in time suffering British torture with a corrupt British media who are ultimately complicit in covering up the abuse.
In 2012 Irish citizens are suffering a total regression of Human rights both with the Prison regime and on the streets.Irish Republicans need to confront and expose this rotten corrupt sectarian system.End Internment!Victory to the POWs!



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