Israel Kills Hamas Leader, Instantly Posts It to YouTube

The Israel Defence Forces didn’t just kill Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari on Wednesday as he was driving his car down the street in Gaza. They killed him and then instantly posted the strike to YouTube. Then they tweeted a warning to all of Jabari’s comrades: “We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.”

The Jabari hit is part of the biggest assault the IDF has launched in more than three years on Gaza, with more than 20 targets hit. And it’s being accompanied by one of the most aggressive social media offensives ever launched by any military. Several days before Jabari’s elimination, the IDF began liveblogging the rocket attacks on southern Israel coming from Gaza. Once “Operation Pillar of Defence  began, the IDF put up a Facebook page, a Flickr feed, and, of course, a stream of Twitter taunts — all relying on the same white-on-red English-language graphics. “Ahmed Jabari: Eliminated,” reads a tweet from 2:21 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday.

This is a very different way of waging the war of opinion online. When an American drone strikes a suspected militant in Afghanistan, that footage is rarely made public — and, if so, only months after the fact. After the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, White House and Pentagon aides did start leaking details like mad. But the only live tweets from the operation were from a bystander in Abbottabad who heard the helicopters landing. And the pictures of bin Laden’s corpse were purposely kept from the public.

But Israel also finds itself in a singular position, geopolitically. Its most consistent ally in the region, the Mubarak regime in Cairo, was overthrown last year and replaced by an Islamist government. Relations with Jerusalem’s most important partner, the United States, were tested by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s all-but-open support of Barack Obama’s rival Mitt Romney in the recent American presidential elections. The need to shape international opinion and rally supporters internationally is acute.

“I believe the video is aimed to deliver three different messages to three different audiences,” emails Gabriella Blum, a professor of international law and international conflict management at Harvard Law School. “A warning to militants in Gaza (we can get you anywhere, anytime); an appeasing message to the Israeli public (we will not remain helpless in the face of repeated rocket attacks), and a reassuring message to those concerned about the use of targeted killings, especially for its potential collateral damage (we can do this with utmost precision).”


During the last major assault on Gaza — 2009′s “Operation Cast Lead” — the IDF did embed camera crews in its combat units. But they were there primarily to defend troops against accusations of war crimes. Drone strike footage was shown to reporters, but only days after the attacks. Meanwhile, a young Israeli soldier — born in a small town in Hawaii, and converted to Judaism at Yale — got together with another American Israeli who thought it’d be cool to share some of those videos online. That became the IDF’s official YouTube channel, unexpectedly generating millions and millions of views. But social media (and information operations, generally) remained on the periphery of Israeli planning.

This time, things are different. After spotting a long-range Fajr-5 rocket in an underground launch site, the IDF quickly uploaded the surveillance footage to YouTube (see above), and tweeted a Google Maps-style picture of the launcher’s location in the town of Zeitoun. After killing Jabari, the IDF posted to its blog something of a rap sheet on the longtime leader of Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, including his alleged role in the kidnapping of young soldier Gilad Shalit.

Of course, the official Israeli obituary of Jabari leaves out a few rather meaningful items, like the fact that he was Israeli’s de facto partner and ally over the last several years. After Cast Lead, Israel and Hamas made a deal: the Islamic group would keep Gaza’s array of militant movements in check, and Israel would keep the aid trucks and the cash flowing. The man responsible for keeping the peace: Ahmed al-Jabari.

We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.

@IDFSpokesperson Our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are (You Opened Hell Gates on Yourselves)

It worked for a while. But in recent weeks, the rockets began flying again, and Jerusalem became displeased with its “subcontractor,” as the ace Israel military observer Aluf Benn puts it. Jabari was openly warned to step it up, and then executed when he did not.

The message was simple and clear: You failed – you’re dead. Or, as Defense Minister Ehud Barak likes to say, “In the Middle East there is no second chance for the weak.”

As All Things D notes, it’s unclear whether or not the IDF’s tough talk violates the terms of service of the big social networks. Twitter users, for example, are not allowed “post direct, specific threats of violence against others.”

But you can expect some more Tweeted taunts in the days to come. Israel is now sending troops to its south, in preparation for a possible ground assault. The Israeli Navy is shelling targets from the sea. Meanwhile, Hamas is responding — both online and off. According to Ha’Aretz, 60 rockets were fired from Gaza on Wednesday at Israel’s southern towns and villages. Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile batteries were able to intercept 17 of the rockets, which means 43 got through.

“Our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are,” Jabari’s former compatriots at al-Qassam Brigades tweeted at the IDF. “You Opened Hell Gates on Yourselves.”





A DUP minister has removed the address of a human rights activist from his on-line blog after being contacted by police. Social development minister Nelson McCausland posted personal details of North Belfast man Fra Hughes on his website Nelson’s View last week.

English: Nelson McCausland (on right), Ministe...

Mr Hughes – who acted as a parades observer for a Belfast – based human rights group – complained to police, saying he was concerned about the safety of his family. While the PSNI said it was not a police matter, they spoke with the north Belfast assembly member, who removed the address. Mr Hughes attended a number of parades across the North of Ireland this summer including an Apprentice Boys march which passed close to Ardoyne on August 11th. Mr McCausland claimed he filmed marchers but when asked to identify himself, he refused. He also reproduced a picture of Mr Hughes with north Belfast Sinn Fein councillor Conor Maskey. He later wrote : ” I can’t understand why he was unwilling to identify himself when he is happy to do so on the Sinn Fein blog and numerous YouTube videos relating to Palestine.” During the entry the minister also listed Mr Hughes ‘ address. Mr Hughes last night said the episode has left him feeling ” vulnerable “.

A spokesman for the PSNI confirmed it had raised Mr Hughes ‘ concerns with Mr McCausland – who also faced criticism for a blog entry about parades last month – and he ” agreed to take down the personal details from the website and did so that day “. Mr Hughes, who is also a founding member of Belfast Friends of Palestine, last night said the episode has left him feeling ” vulnerable “. ” I have serious concerns for my business and my family following several articles on minister McCausland’s blog,” he said. A spokesman for the PSNI confirmed it had contacted Mr McCausland about the contents of his website. ” Police in Antrim Road received a report on Tuesday 11th September of a man’s personal details appearing on a blog,” he said. A spokesman for the DUP confirmed that Mr McCausland removed a portion of the post after being approached by the PSNI. ” He felt that if the police had come and had mentioned it to him he would respect that and act in good faith and in the best interests [ of everyone ] ,” he said. ” That’s not to say he was admitting it was illegal to do it.” A spokesman for the ILDC, set up in 2010 by a group of Queen’s University Belfast law students to campaign against human rights abuses and monitor contentious parades at the request of host communities, said it was ” dismayed ” by the minister’s actions. Mr McCausland’s blog entries have been a source of controversy in the past. He made headlines last month when members of Rasharkin Residents Collective,  which opposes a loyalist parade through the Co Antrim town, said they would consider legal action over comments made by the minister. Mr McCausland is also facing an assembly motion of censure after the SDLP claimed he breached his ministerial code of conduct by failing to condemn breaches of legally binding Parades Commission determinations by loyalist bands marching past St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Belfast.


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A NORTH Belfast man has been remanded in custody in connection with a gun attack on police during rioting on the Twelfth. Michael Gorman of Estoril Park, Ardoyne, was charged with ” aiding and abetting the possession of a firearm “, namely a semi-automatic rifle, with intent to endanger life or cause damage to property.

The 57-year-old did not apply for bail and was remanded in custody to appear by video link on August 22. He is charged in connection with a shooting incident captured on film and posted on YouTube. The clip shows a man emerge from a crowd of young people at Brompton Park in Ardoyne and fire 17 shots from an automatic rifle. The shooting took place amid a riot in the area that followed the contentious annual Orange Order march. A detective sergeant told Belfast Magistrates Court he believed he could connect the accused with the charge. Mr Gorman is the second man to be charged in connection with the shooting incident. Last month Thomas ‘ Ta ‘ McWilliams (47) of Northwick Drive, Belfast, appeared in court charged with attempted murder. The court heard that while there is no suggestion that McWilliams, a former IRA life-sentence prisoner, was the gunman, he is alleged to have been in a car in which the weapon was taken from the scene.


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The All Ireland Rally for Choice

All Ireland Rally for Choice July 2012

    • Saturday
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  • This event is in Belfast however there are buses being organised from Dublinand other locations.Anti-choice groups meet once a year to oppose a woman’s right to choose.. In 2011 in Dublin, several hundred people opposed this march, and did so peacefully. The truth is the anti-choiceside called the peaceful protesters nazi’s, murders and much more besides.These people are marching to maintain the status quo, they are marching for… no change! We say, lets peacefully oppose them!
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Legal Trouble brewing for Palmarians in Irish courts

The Palmar de Troya Support mission is to provide support and information to those touched or adversely affected by the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Face, a schismatic catholic group based in Palmar de Troya, Spain. We hope all past and present members, families and friends of current and ex members or indeed anyone who can further the quest for truth, understanding, resolution and healing will join in our endeavor. For more information see About Us
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Rules of The Palmarian Church

This list is not complete and may contain inaccuracies. Please mail any missing rules and amendments to

Clarifications – Can you help ?

URGENT… We have had reports of orders given by the Spanish hierarchy demanding computer equipment of their followers be confiscated by the priests. If you have any information on this please let us know.

1. Woman may not wear trousers.
2. Shorts are banned
3. It is forbidden to wear any shirt or similar garment with short sleeves.
4. Sleeves can only be rolled up for the duration of any work such as washing dishes etc.
5. Females must wear skirts no shorter than two fingers width below the knee.
6. Tights are banned as they are classed as mens attire. Female teens and adults may only wear stockings, female children only socks.
7. Female babies cannot wear all in one baby suits.
8. Shirts and blouses must be buttoned to the neck.
9. You cannot play any sport that requires you to wear short sleeves or shorts.
10. Visiting beaches is banned.
11. All voting banned. e.g. Local and general elections, referendums etc.
12. Visiting and using swimming pools is banned.
13. Visiting night clubs is banned
14. Denim cloth is banned, therefore wearing jeans is banned.
15. Listening to popular / modern music is banned.

16. Watching boxing matches is banned.
17. Attending non-Palmarian religious services such as weddings, funerals, christenings etc is banned, for all non Palmarians even family.
18. Males are banned from dying or bleaching hair
19. Males cannot wear ear jewelry or other face jewelry.
20. Receiving organ transplants is banned.
21. Leaving or providing organs for transplant is banned.
22. All contraception is banned.
23. Disco’s are banned.
24. Later introduced in addition to rule 16, All functions associated with non Palmarian religious services such as wedding breakfasts, evening functions, i.e. social functions before or after, christenings, weddings, funerals etc are banned you cannot attend even if function is family or relatives.
25. Later above rule no. 5 was changed to increase the length of skirts below the knee from 2 to 4 or 5 fingers width.
26. Children must be told Christmas presents are from parents and not Santa Claus as he doesn’t exist
27. New Bible introduced, any copies of any other bibles must be burnt. This bible was authored in Spain and has many changes in comparison to the standard bible.
28. TV programs that have people or cartoon characters outside the Palmarian dress code may not be watched. In effect this is most television, it would encompass news, documentaries, etc. etc.
29. No social contact with any persons not dressed to the Palmarian dress code. This in effect means virtually all non-Palmarians.
30. Nobody allowed in the home if not dressed to Palmarian dress code except workmen.

31. In work, contact with non-palmarian co-workers must be kept to a minimum, i.e. only talk to when necessary to carry out the job and no social chat.
32. Only religious books approved by Palmar are allowed all others banned and must be burnt. This in effect means virtually any non Palmarian authored book is banned.
33. Any photos/images with priests who have left the order must be burn/destroyed.
34. Religious films are banned.
35. All prayers and hymns not contained in the Palmarian missal are banned
36. Birthday candles on birthday cakes are banned.
37. Contact with anyone including relatives who are living with partners and not married is banned. This would include all marriages outside the Palmarian Church since the early 1980’s as these marriages are considered invalid.
38. Throwing coins in a fountain/well/water is banned.
39. Children must be removed to another room from their classes where non palmarian religious instruction is given.
40. Horoscopes are banned
41. Movies containing references to magic are banned.
42. The neckline of a shirt or blouse etc must when worn be at least 2 fingers width above the breast bone.
43. Christmas trees are banned.
44. Images of Santa Claus are banned
45. Giving or opening presents on Christmas day (25th December) is banned.
46. Christmas presents must be given and opened on the feast of the Epiphany

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Earlier in the year we reported how many of the younger generation of Palmarians in Ireland are cut of from their families. They feel cut of from their parents and there is a mood of desperation and emotional damage resulting.

Also as the older generation dies they have often left their entire estate to the Palmarians without the younger generation knowing.  Many of these wills would have been quite modest when first written, but following the Celtic Tiger some have greatly increased in value.

So we just wanted to alert those who find themselves in this position that we are available to assist them to find remedies if this occurs to them.

We are aware of one woman who was a staunch Palmarian but later in life managed to free herself from their influence and revoked an earlier will which left them a considerable amount of her estate. She then kept them in her will in a very limited way, but the Palmarians did not take kindly to her change of mind and on one occasion invaded her house in an attempt to correct her lifestyle by attempting to remove offending material at variance with their beliefs from her house.  This issue of trespass could be a significant feature if they challenged the will, showing evidence that she had changed her views!

Dialogue Ireland will publish material to make these facts known. The group is seriously dysfunctional and has developed a schismatic and truly cultist agenda which cuts people off from those they love and that love them. We are also assisting those who wish to campaign in a more direct sense. We realise the difficulty in doing this and the problem of confidentiality. We have taken heart from those in Anonymous who have found a way to confront Scientology by using masks. Most of them however, do not have family members involved. Also the size of the group is relatively small so it would be hard to maintain anonymity. We are in contact with Professor Magnus Lundberg from Uppsala, Sweden who has devoted some time to study from an academic base the roots and developments of this group.

Posted on July 28, 2011 by dialogueireland