A Regiment Of Snow Whites?

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The UDR was formed in 1970 and replaced the disgraced B Specials. UDR members were involved in the Miami showband massacre and have been linked to the Dublin and Monaghan bombings that killed thirty-three people. Intelligence documents show that more than two hundred British army rifles and sub machine guns were passed to loyalists.

Excerpts from a British Government document state:

Downing Street knew that significant numbers of soldiers were linked to loyalist paramilitaries, but failed to act… there can be little doubt that subversion in the UDR has added significantly to the weapons and ammunition stocks…and military skills of Protestant extremist groups …a fair number of UDR soldiers have been discovered to hold positions in the UDA/UVF… there have been a number of reports of UDR soldiers giving weapons training to UDA, UVF and OV extremists …a number have been involved in overt terrorist acts”.

“Weapons have been stolen from UDR soldiers at home or on the way to work…it is likely that a number of these raids or hold-ups were carried out with the foreknowledge of the subject…in many cases ex-UDR weapons are the only automatic and semi-automatic weapons in their possession”.

“There is strong evidence that they have been in the hands of the most violent of the criminal sectarian groups in the Protestant community…this weapon has been used in at least 12 terrorist outrages…the weapon was also used in a kidnapping…drive-by shootings at groups of Catholic youths…circumstances may well arise in which all the weapons stolen from the UDR may well be used… they would form a most significant part of the armoury of the Protestant extremists”.

A Regiment of Snow Whites?

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Raymond Gilmour who was a British agent in the IRA. Gilmour used to wear light trousers when he was on active duty so his handlers knew not to shoot him. Volunteers at the time would mostly be unemployed but Brit money was their 30 pieces of silver.Because they were of the informer mindset, their iq would be that as room temperature. They spent freely and were sussed. However Gilmore got away.Donaldson and Scappachi set up innocent men as informers inc the murder of an innocent girl to cover his tracks. The point here are scum-bags are creating a reason for People to have their pc,s etc confiscated by their false accusations. These scumbags are usually covering their own vile secrets by accusing and setting up innocent people here on fb. The Police know the accusations are false but it gives them the excuse to look in pc,s for other stuff of Political nature. These scum-bags rumour mongers are the same as low life infornmers and are plentiful on here. So if you hear a load of Republican talk , a few questions on history shoul raise doubts. Anotherexample would be a mouthpiece who thinks the UDR emblem is Republican because there’s a harp on it. All these pms can be proven to all UDR friends etc on here.

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