A DISTRICT judge said on Wednesday he had the power to convine a court hearing involving former IRA prisoner Marian Price in hospital where she is being treated.

Judge Barney McElholm said the preliminary could only take place if ” private  appropriate, secure and suitable accommodation ” could be made available. Price – now known by her married name McGlinchey – has been in custody since being arrested in May 2011 after then Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, revoked her early release licence. She was previously jailed for her part in an IRA bombing campaign along with Gerry Kelly in London including the Old Bailey in 1973 and went on hunger strike in prison. The 58-year-old was arrested a month after she was filmed holding up a piece of paper for a masked man to read from at a dissident republican Easter commemoration in Derry’s city cemetery. Price, who has been charged with addressing a meeting held to support the IRA, has been in deteriorating mental and physical health since her arrest. Her solicitor Peter Corrigan said she should be released. ” The deterioration in her mental health has been exacerbated by the prosecution of the charge against her,” he said. However, a prosecution lawyer told the court that if ” all the appropriate measures ” in relation to transportation and security were in place, there was no reason why the hearing could not proceed. The district judge adjourned his decision on whether the hospital hearing would go ahead but said he would give it ” as soon as possible “. Among those in court to support Price was Gerry Conlon who was wrongly jailed for the Guildford pub bombings in the 1970’s.


Report on Pat Finucane murder to be released on 12 December

Pat Finucane was shot dead in 1989

Pat Finucane was shot dead in 1989

The British government is to publish a review into the killing of Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane on 12 December.

The murdered solicitor’s family have campaigned for a full public inquiry to be held, a demand refused by the British authorities.

The murder of Mr Finucane in front of his wife and family in 1989 was one of the most controversial killings of the Troubles.

It was carried out by loyalist paramilitaries with numerous allegations in the aftermath that British security forces colluded with the killers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has accepted collusion took place and apologised to the Finucane family but refused to establish a public inquiry – opting instead for a review of the evidence.

This was carried out by the London-based lawyer Desmond de Silva and is to be published next month.


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Abu Qatada – Bailed yet Marian Price is still Interned despite being granted bail !

Abu Qatada

  • He endorses suicide attacks

  • Alleged connections with a German ‘ terror ‘ cell

  • Copies of his sermons were found in the Hamburg flat used by some of the 9/11 attackers.

  • Described as the ” spiritual head of the Mujahideen in Britain “.

  • Sentenced in absentia by Jordan to life imprisonment for conspiracy to carry out terror attacks, and subsequently in 2000 to a further 15 years for his involvement in a plot to bomb tourists attending Millennium celebrations in Jordan.

  • Who is the bigger threat ????




A HIGH-PROFILE loyalist jailed for sexually abusing a schoolgirl on Thursday lost his High Court challenge to being refused temporary home leave. Mark Harbinson was seeking to overturn a Prison Service decision that it was inappropriate to allow him a period on release.

But a judge rejected all arguments advanced on his behalf, including claims that it breached his right to family life. ” The longer it went on, the more the case partook of an impermissible merits-based challenge to the prison service decision to refuse Mr Harbinson temporary release,” Mr Justice Treacy said. Harbinson, a married 45-year-old from Sheepwalk Road, Stoneyford, Co Antrim, was jailed for three and a half years in May last year after being found guilty of sexual abuse and having topless pictures of the girl on his phone. According to the prosecution he spent months grooming his victim, with more than 1,700 text messages sent between them. Harbinson was acquitted of separate indecent assault charges, while the jury at his trial failed to reach a verdict on further alleged offences. Harbinson, a leading Orangeman who came to prominence during the Drumcree marching protest, has continued to protest his innocence. Earlier this year he failed in an appeal against his convictions, with senior judges finding there was compelling evidence against him. Despite the guilty verdict being upheld, he is planning a further attempt to clear his name at the Supreme Court in London.

Meanwhile, Harbinson’s lawyers brought separate judicial review proceedings over the refusal of temporary home leave ahead of his release from jail in May 2013. His barrister, Aidan McGowan, argued that his client’s refusal to accept his guilt should not be a relevant consideration. He contended that too much weight was placed on Harbinson’s conviction, with a risk assessment score said to have put him within the qualifying grouping. It was also claimed that the rights of Harbinson’s partner and young son must be taken into account. Peter Coll, for the prison service, countered that the loyalist was refused temporary release because he has refused to take part in offence-related work and rehabilitation programmes. ” He’s a sex offender and that is a pointed matter of concern,” Mr Coll said. The barrister also referred to an outburst by Harbinson in court when he lost his appeal against his conviction. ” We say it’s entirely relevant and somewhat indicative of his reaction to situations of stress and situations where he may not be able to exercise full control,” he said. After hearing both sides, Mr Justice Treacy ruled that Harbinson had failed to establish an arguable case on any ground of challenge. He then dismissed the application for leave to seek a judicial review.


The Gaughan Stagg Cumann remember with pride Vol Terence MacSweeny, Brigadier of the No. 1 Brigade, Cork IRA and Mayor of Cork.

At his inaugural acceptance speech for the office of mayor of Cork, MacSweeny stated; Our first duty is to answer that threat in the only fitting manner by showing ourselves un-terrified, cool and inflexible for the fulfilment of our chief purpose— the establishment of the independence and integrity of our country— the peace and the happiness of our country.

We, taking up the work left incomplete, It is not we who take innocent blood but we offer it, sustained by the example of our immortal dead and that divine example which inspires us all for the redemption of our country. Facing our enemies we must declare our attitude simply. We ask for no mercy, and we will make no compromise
Republicans today have a duty to complete what MacSweeny vision of a nations people free to control its natural resources as a sovereign people
RIP: Vol Terence MacSweeny, Brigadier of the No. 1 Brigade, Cork IRA and Mayor of Cork.28 March 1879 -25 October 1920.
WITH MANY THANKS TO : Gaughan Stagg Cumann

The march was a success yesterday, members of the cumann, concerned republicans, human rights activists and anti-war campaigners stood alongside each other and marched on the streets of London, marching down the embankment and passing the landmarks known to the world

The march was a success yesterday, members of the cumann, concerned republicans, human rights activists and anti-war campaigners stood alongside each other and marched on the streets of London, marching down the embankment and passing the landmarks known to the world.

The current situation in Ireland was highlighted, the internment of Marian Price and Martin Corey, the Harasment of the Ryan family and republicans throughout the 32 counties, the brutality and regime in Maghaberry. Leonard Peltier‘s miscarriage of justice was also highlighted and information on his case along with the others evoked a good interest and response from the public.

There was usual Harasment from the city of London police with the special tactical unit escorting and questioning the marchers, the presence of them fully kitted out in boiler suits, riot helmets and battons did little to deter the marchers, it only went to prove we were pressing the right buttons in highlighting britains human rights abuses.

The Gaughan Stagg cumann would like to thank all who took part and those would enquired and offered support, We WILL continue to support the POWs, human rights abuses And Challenge Everything.

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