Allegations of Collusion in murder of Alan Ryan raised with ILDC

It has been brought to the attention of the ILDC that serious concerns surround the murder of Alan Ryan in Dublin earlier this year. There have been questions posed in relation to the state’s role in targeting, policing and investigating Alan Ryan in both his life and death.

These reports are strikingly similar to the circumstances of assassinations during the early 1990′s in Northern Ireland by loyalist paramilitaries against republican activists, with the alleged assistance of both the RUC and military Intelligence.

The ILDC have pledged to look into these allegations but insist that human rights abuses by the state must be investigated and to turn a blind eye to such murders undermines the entire essence of both Law and Democracy.

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Free state special branch just raided the parents of the late Alan Ryan’s home


Free state special branch just raided the parents of the late Alan Ryan‘s home.. From Niamh’s status:

Niamh Ryan
the special branch put my mams door through put guns up to familys head and had the media waiting outside to take pictures pure animals my poor son



14 arrests over Real IRA funeral shots

Police in the Republic of Ireland have made 14 arrests after shots were fired into the air during a paramilitary funeral in Dublin.

14 arrests over Real IRA funeral shots

Mourners at the funeral of Real IRA member Alan Ryan. (© PA)

Men dressed in combat gear shot a volley of bullets over the tricolour-draped coffin of murdered Real IRA leader Alan Ryan on Saturday.

A major search operation involving 200 gardai officers was launched on Thursday morning into dissident republican activity linked to the apparent show of strength.

Thirteen men and one woman have been arrested during raids which have been taking place across counties Dublin, Meath and Kildare.

A Garda spokesman said further arrests cannot be ruled out.

Alan Ryan, who was 32, was shot dead in broad daylight by a gunman in the grounds of an apartment complex in Clongriffin on 3 September.

He was head of a Real IRA faction in Dublin and had been linked to extortion rackets.

Concerns had been raised after men opened fire over his coffin, despite up to 100 gardaí being drafted in for the service in Donaghmede.

Mourners attempted to shield the gunmen from onlooking gardaí and cameras as they changed out of combat gear and masks in a van at a house.

Those arrested on Thursday have been detained under section 30 of the Offences against the State Act 1939.

A Garda statement said: “As part of the investigation into the possession and discharge of firearms at Donaghmede (and the activities of dissident republicans) a search and arrest operation was carried out at locations across counties Dublin, Meath and Kildare this morning.

“This morning’s phase of operation ‘Ambience’ involves over 200 gardai, including members of the Special Detective Unit, Emergency Response Unit, Local Detectives, Uniformed Gardai and the Garda Dog Unit.

“Further updates will follow.”


Three of Ryan’s hard-men to take over terror mob

TAKEN FROM THE Evening Herald ….

Three of Ryan’s hard-men to take over terror mob 
BOTH these men are from Donaghmede and were extremely close to Ryan are said to be “beside themselves with grief” over the savage murder which was organised by a number of crime gangs based in the Coolock area.

Another criminal who is expected to become even more prominent in the gang is a heavily tattooed hardman from the Baldoylearea who was directly involved with Ryan during many of his extortion rackets against criminals and business people.This man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was involved in an assault against a major drugs trafficker in a north Dublin nightclub in March which led to an escalation in a feud between the Real IRAfaction and the drugs gang.This incident happened in the same prominent club where an earlier feud kicked off, this time during the Christmas period, when the crime gang beat up a close associate of the RIRAfaction.The March attack happened after the hardman was challenged to a ‘straightener’ by the major drug dealer. A massive investigation into Ryan’s murder is continuing and so far officers have made one arrest.This suspect was arrested on Thursday night for withholding information in relation to the murder — but sources say that he had no direct involvement in the gangland killing.

The man aged in his 50s is a taxi driver from north Dublin who was not known for any previous involvement in serious crime — he was released without charge on Saturday evening.

Ryan’s massive paramilitary funeral in Donaghmede on Saturday morning continues to attract huge controversy, especially because a volley of shots were fired over Ryan’s coffin as it left his family home shortly after 9am.

Gardai made no arrests at that stage because of major fears that such an action would lead to a “full-scale riot situation”.

However a major investigation — which is being led by officers at Clontraf Garda Station — has now opened in relation to this specific incident and sources say that gardai are confident of making arrests in the coming days.

GARDAI plan to launch a crackdown on dissident republicans in the wake of the paramilitary display and volley of shots at the weekend funeral of Alan Ryan !

GARDAI plan to launch a crackdown on dissident republicans in the wake of the paramilitary display and volley of shots at the weekend funeral of terror gang boss Alan Ryan.

A series of garda raids on the homes of dissidents in several counties is being organised, as officers build up evidence against those believed to have been involved in the show of arms outside the Ryan family home on the nort

hside of Dublin.Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan told the Irish Independent yesterday that paramilitary activity could not be tolerated on the streets of the capital and where people were identified as having committed a criminal offence, they would be “brought to book”.Gardai disclosed last night that a dossier of fresh intelligence was being compiled as a result of the photographic evidence gathered at the funeral.This was being examined by senior anti-terrorist officers, who were particularly interested in the emergence at the funeral of some newcomers.Others were also present who were thought to have retired from republican activity, and had not been known to associate with Ryan or his faction of the Real IRA.

One officer said: “We have collected some interesting material, which will help open up new avenues of inquiry for us into paramilitary activity while also assisting ongoing inquiries into links between Ryan’s group and other republican factions.”


Gardai had photographers on duty outside the house, outside the church in Donaghmede, and at Fingal cemetery on Saturday. They were backed up in the surveillance by undercover officers, who mingled with the mourners, and “spotters” whose task was to pinpoint known activists and monitor their movements.

At the same time, the Special Branch kept watch on those arriving for the funeral on Saturday morning and noted the registration plates of vehicles used by suspected activists.

The information gathered is expected to be useful as gardai prepare files on anybody suspected of committing a criminal offence at the funeral.

Those involved could face charges of illegal possession of a firearm, if directly linked to the volley of shots, or membership of an illegal organisation.

Mr Callinan said the garda force had a long and proud tradition of dealing with subversive activity and people engaged in crime. He promised that, as long as he was the commissioner, that tradition would continue.

Mr Callinan also pledged that every effort was being made to identify the killers of Ryan and to bring them to justice.

He pointed out that arrangements for the funeral had been made by the Ryan family but, unfortunately, those arrangements had been breached by a small group.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Alan Shatter said yesterday that the gardai on duty had to make proper and mature judgments.

He said innocent lives could have been lost if gardai had intervened and he again condemned the display as scandalous and unacceptable.

Mr Shatter felt the incidents “took us back to the dark days of the Troubles” and he had full confidence in the garda commissioner and his officers to complete their investigation and take appropriate action.

Criminals are winning the battle

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Man arrested in Alan Ryan murder investigation

A man has been arrested as part of a garda investigation into the murder of Alan Ryan.

Alan Ryan was shot dead in Clongriffin on Monday

Alan Ryan was shot dead in Clongriffin on Monday

Gardaí in Coolock, Dublin last night arrested a man in his late 40s and he is currently being detained at a garda station in the north of the city.

Ryan, who was from Grange Abbey Drive in Donaghmede, was shot dead on Grange Lodge Avenue in Clongriffin on Monday.

He had served jail terms for IRA activities and gun possession and detectives believe he had recently been involved in a Real IRA group that was in conflict with a Dublin drugs gang.

Gardaí feared retaliation following the shooting and set up a number of armed checkpoints in Dublin earlier in the week.