The Detail has a lengthy article based on an original investigation by Meon Eile examining allegations of anti-Irish polices being pursued by the DUP’s Arlene Foster, the minister for enterprise in the regional executive in the North of Ireland. Cadogan Enright, a well-known independent councillor on Down District Council, has accused Foster of “…going off on what I can only call an anti-Irish crusade within her department, which is manifestly illegal” (something which Councillor Cadogan has highlighted before). The “anti-Irish” campaign allegedly waged by Arlene Foster and her Unionist colleagues turns, this time, on the issue of bilingual Irish-English tourist information signs in the north-east of Ireland.

“A BAN on the Irish language being used in tourism signs appears to be heading for the courts amid allegations that the authority responsible, the NI Tourist Board [NITB] is providing no rational explanation for it.

A row has…

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