Two days away from An Sionnach Fionn sitting in an anodyne hotel conference room with twenty strangers doing ISO Audit training and I wake up to a blather of pontifical grandstanding from Michéal Martin, the leader of resurgent Fianna Fáil. The majority of his speech was devoted to regurgitating well-rehearsed attacks on his party’s (southern) rival’s in Sinn Féin with the odd dig at the DUP. Oh there was a wee bit of flag waving in there too but not of any major kind. Not the type of flag you’d actually run up a flagpole and give an oul salute to. More like those little toy flags on white sticks that they give to children on St. Patrick’s Day to shake as some bloke in a foam leprechaun suit walks by waving at the (usually sodden) crowds.

From the Belfast Telegraph:

“The leader of the Opposition in the Irish…

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