Big news for the Scottish-speaking community of Glasgow as the establishment of a second school teaching through the medium of the Scottish language is announced. From the BBC:

“A second Gaelic school is to open in Glasgow to meet spiralling demand for bilingual education.

The £800,000 facility, which will house up to 200 pupils, will be located in Pollokshields. It is part of a five-year plan to revitalise the language.

Work will begin in September with completion expected in early 2015.

The city’s first Gaelic School opened in 1999 for primary pupils, then relocated to the site of the former Woodside Secondary School in 2006.

The Scottish government wants to double the number of five-year-olds going into Gaelic classes over the next five years.

Currently 1% of young Scots are learning the Celtic language of their country, compared to 7% in Ireland and 21% in Wales.”

The 21st century revival of…

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  1. Brian Fraser. says:

    If memory serves me right, the dying of the Gaelic language in Scotland has been highlighted for years, more Gaelic is spoken in Nova Scotia than here I believe. Another sweetener for us Scots from the UK government. Never mind the Barnet Formula, where do we get the extra funding from, Devolution, I think not. They are crapping themselves about the vote for Scottish independence in 2014, in my opinion.

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