FLAGS protest organiser Jamie Bryson was a mascot at a Northern Ireland football match just weeks before he emerged as a loyalist leader The Ulster People’s Forum chairman was ‘ Footie ‘ the mascot for the World Cup qualifier against Azerbaijan in November. Mr Bryson paraded round Windsor Park  wearing a huge football shaped head and oversized boots as he high-fived players and waved to fans. The mascot is often used by the Irish Football Association (IFA) for public relations events including helping to promote its cross-community Football for All campaign. However, the IFA yesterday dismissed any connection between Mr Bryson and its cross-community work. A spokesman said : ” The regular mascot was unavailable for the game and his replacement took unwell on the afternoon of the game and Mr Bryson stood in at the last minute. ” This was a one-off. ” Mr Bryson is not involved in, or has ever been involved in any of the association’s community relations projects.”

UNIONISM IDENTITY CRISISMeanwhile, it has emerged that Mr Bryson once told a court he could not plea to a charge of possessing a weapon because he was ‘ innocent under God’s law ‘. He was convicted 12 months ago of being in possession of an extendible bat which he claimed was for protection from drug dealers and criminal gangs. He received a four month suspended sentence after delivering a letter to the judge saying he could not enter a plea because he believed he had the right under God’s law to defend himself if attacked and would not have hesitated in using the weapon.

The former north Down community worker said that although he believed he was innocent in God‘s eyes he understood that the judiciary would have a different opinion. Police found the flick baton in Mr Bryson’s car when they stopped him in Groomsport, Co Down, in October 2011.


2 comments on “BRYSON UNMASKED

  1. Innocent under Gods law .Similar to their neo Nazi Zionist Israelis who claim ,they are Gods chosen people and God gave them Israel. What does it take to expose the true motives behind Loyalist /Orange so called rights to protest. The fleegs ,drugs etc are an allowance given by their Masonic masters , as payment for creating instability,

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