For the last decade and more I’ve worked for a company in Ireland that is a major subsidiary of an international corporation with several different facilities in the country employing large multinational workforces. Through my role in that company I’ve worked with or met literally hundreds of people from Britain, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, China and many other nations. During all that time and all those people my Irish name and surname has never been an issue, has never been an obstacle, has never been seen as anything unusual. Even native English-speakers from outside of Ireland, be they British or American, simply accepted it as just another name amongst dozens or hundreds they may have encountered in non-English languages during their careers.

The only people who have ever made an issue of my name during my working life, or more particularly the combination of a forename…

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