A DISTRICT judge said on Wednesday he had the power to convine a court hearing involving former IRA prisoner Marian Price in hospital where she is being treated.

Judge Barney McElholm said the preliminary could only take place if ” private  appropriate, secure and suitable accommodation ” could be made available. Price – now known by her married name McGlinchey – has been in custody since being arrested in May 2011 after then Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, revoked her early release licence. She was previously jailed for her part in an IRA bombing campaign along with Gerry Kelly in London including the Old Bailey in 1973 and went on hunger strike in prison. The 58-year-old was arrested a month after she was filmed holding up a piece of paper for a masked man to read from at a dissident republican Easter commemoration in Derry’s city cemetery. Price, who has been charged with addressing a meeting held to support the IRA, has been in deteriorating mental and physical health since her arrest. Her solicitor Peter Corrigan said she should be released. ” The deterioration in her mental health has been exacerbated by the prosecution of the charge against her,” he said. However, a prosecution lawyer told the court that if ” all the appropriate measures ” in relation to transportation and security were in place, there was no reason why the hearing could not proceed. The district judge adjourned his decision on whether the hospital hearing would go ahead but said he would give it ” as soon as possible “. Among those in court to support Price was Gerry Conlon who was wrongly jailed for the Guildford pub bombings in the 1970’s.



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