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TRIGGER WARNING: rape, sexual assault

Pluto author Laurie Penny (Penny Red: Notes from the New Age of DissentPluto, 2011) has written an article in the New Statesman last week, in a response to the SWP’s internal investigation into allegations of rape made against one of its members. In her article, reproduced here, Penny assesses a wider tendency among the left, in which concerns about race, gender and sexuality are often ignored or marginalised as distractions from the class struggle. It’s an issue which has caused much controversy, and comes with a trigger warning for its discussion of rape and sexual assault. To see the article in its original context, click here.

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Laurie Penny

How do we deal with sexual violence on the left? Here’s a case study.

The Socialist Workers’ Party, for those who aren’t familiar with it already, is a…

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