‘Haiti’s New Dictatorship’ makes the Public Archive’s 2012 list

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The Public Archive, a wonderful online website of historical resources and informed contemporary journalism on Haiti, has included Justin Podur’s book, Haiti’s New Dictatorship (Pluto, 2012) in its list: ‘Radical Black Reading/Reading Haiti 2012’.

On Justin’s book, they wrote that ‘the state is at the center of a number of recent monographs that have examined questions of democracy, dictatorship and neo-colonialism in contemporary Haiti. Justin Podur’s Haiti’s New Dictatorship: The Coup, The Earthquake and the UN Occupation (Pluto) scrutinizes the ways in which the international community has choked Haiti’s sovereignty since the 2004 coup while promoting a supposedly benign international occupation of the country.’

The list concludes with a brief summary of what books like Justin’s are so important. ‘All told, there’s a depth and richness to these publications that is still missing from Haiti’s coverage and representation in the mainstream press. Support these endeavors. Buy the books.’


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