Listening to children is one of our most potent weapons in the fight against abuse.

Open ears, open eyes, open minds and open hearts. 

If you suspect a child is suffering, speak out! Help, information, contacts and advice:

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Action Against AbuseExposing The Truth


2 comments on “STOP CHILD ABUSE

  1. Pedophiles are human beings. We are not perverts or predators: Most of us are productive, happy and law-abiding members of society. We are not monsters lurking in the shadow. We are members of society. Your son, your daughter, your best friend can be a pedophile. That doesnt make him bad or evil.

    Now, if pedophilia was considered a sexual orientation: what would be the problem? What rights would you loose? We are not talking about depriving people from their rights. We are talking about giving a little of self-esteem, of self-respect to people who live being marginalized and excluded from society. Heterosexuals and homosexuals wouldnt loose rights. You wouldnt loose anything. And we would win self-respect, self-esteem, respect. We wouldnt be considered sub-human creeps, unworthwhile of human treatment.

    You know how many children and teens are pedophiles? Did you know that most pedophiles find about their sexual orientation when they are not even 15? That would let those kids to feel a little human.

    In a nutshell: pedophiles are not “others”. There is no “us” and “them”, there is only “us”. Louis Jordan said “There Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”. There is no clear cut between pedophiles and non-pedophiles. There is no division between pedophiles and people who want to protect children: Many pedophiles want to protect children as much as heteros and gays and many who work everyday to protect children are pedophiles. Most child abuse is not done by pedophiles: is done by straight men. Children starving, tortured, killed in a war, in a bombing, are killed by heterosexual men. On the other hand, many of the pedophiles that society demonize have never hurt a kid in anyway and in fact work to protect children. That is the whole message of Sarah D. Goode’s books. That is what society has to understand.

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