Want to understand the routes of corporate power? Read ‘The Corporation that Changed the World’

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Platform, the London based organisation combining ‘Arts, Activism, Education and Research’, has posted a great review of Nick Robins’ The Corporation that Changed the World (Pluto, 2012). The review went up on their website the day Pluto staff shut up shop before Christmas, but as we didn’t see it ’til now there’s a good chance you didn’t either. Seeing as Platform took the time to write such nice things about the second edition of Nick’s classic, we think it’s worthwhile to reblog it here.

As always, you should check out the original article on the Platform site here. To buy a copy of the book, just see the purchasing details at the end of this post.

*   *   *

Whether it’s Google, Amazon, Starbucks using legal loopholes to avoid corporation tax; Apple’s subcontractors’ deathly abuse of workers in China; the ongoing call for justice from Bhopal…

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