Two Great Articles From “Come Here To Me”


One of the current buzzwords of the contemporary internet is “hyperlocal”. The term refers to the belief that small, regionally-based websites can best achieve success by focusing on the minutiae of the area they are located in. This can cover many types of internet media, from local current affairs to business reporting. While the viability of the theory is debatable (and to me, at least, it is only applicable to locations with large populations, like major cities or places with a strong regional identity), there are some sites that prove the idea’s worth.

In Ireland one such website is the Dublin-based Come Here To Me blog. Since 2009 it has catalogued the cultural, social and political history of the capital city, as well as venturing broader afield, in ever-more fascinating detail. No person, no building, no event is too obscure for this wonderful website as it uncovers forgotten parts of Dublin’s history as well as reporting on its many contemporary affairs. Where else could one go…

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