A Fourth Green Field?


Several days ago I posted some thoughts on the first round of figures released from the top-level results of the 2011 Census of “Northern Ireland”. The headline news was the linked revelation that those who declared they were of a Protestant background and those who identified as British now made up less than half the population of the north-east of the country. Considering the sectarian and ethno-nationalist origins of the British-imposed partition of the island of Ireland and the creation of the apartheid-state of “Northern Ireland” this was something of a political earthquake, the ramifications of which are now being played out in northern politics.

At the time I made some quick calculations in relation to the numbers released, not to be taken too seriously, and came up with a suggestion for the overall figures on national identity in the North:

2011 Census Result – Religion: 

48.36% = Protestant / Other Christian

45.14% = Roman Catholic

00.92% = Other Religion

05.59% = No Religion


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