Billy No Mates

UVF COMMANDER Winky Irvine joined ranks with Loyalist Union flag protesters and took to the streets again on Saturday – signalling to Christians and clergyman that they hadn’t a prayer for peace.

Early on Saturday morning, hundreds of people formed a human chain around Belfast City Hall and prayed for peace, and an end to the street disorders and unrest. But the five-minute prayer vigil was followed just five hours later by more protesters marching down the city’s Royal Avenue and laying siege again to the City Hall. Woodvale UVF leader Winky joined an estimated 300 protesters along with the PUP’s Billy Hutchinson, above, walked to the City Hall but were prevented by police from remaining in the city centre. Plus, there were reports of more street blockades to come later in the day. One of them was scheduled for close to the Ravenill rugby ground were thousands of fans were heading for Ulster’s big Heineken Cup showdown with English side Northampton.


Today, the Sunday World also reveals that in spite of their denials, the UVF is peddling yet another Big Lie. We prove that they are orchestrating street protests – in spite of their point-blank denials. We can also reveal that UVF leaders have ordered youths to take to the streets. And the man trying to pull the woolly mask over all our heads again is none other than ‘ Winky’ Irvine. Last week the top UVF propagandist and wannabe PUP politician bluntly stated about the street demo’s and riots in Belfast : ” I can categorically state there is no orchestration by any organisation.” And PUP Newtownabbey spokesman Phil Hamilton denied that loyalist paramilitaries were part of a loyalist mob which laid siege to a Christmas dinner at the local Council’s Mossley Mill complex.DUP Assemblyman Paul Girvin bravely went on the record as disputing that.

One south Belfast mother told us her teenage son was given no option when a senior UVF figure called to her home in the village area of the city and she accused the terror group of hypocrisy. ” I hear their spokesman on the radio condemning the violence but at the same time they are ordering kids onto the streets,” she said. And that backdrop for more potential trouble was underpinned by both police chiefs and clergy at the earlier prayer vigil. Top cop George Hamilton, an Assistant Chief Constable at the PSNI’s Brooklyn headquarters, warned : ” I have concerns that some elements may seek to use today’s protests to engage in violent confrontations with our officers ” His statement came just days after thugs tried to torch a women police officer by tossing a petrol bomb into her car. And veteran peacemaker the Rev. Harold Good, one of the prime witnesses to IRA decommissioning in 2005, also warned : ” The last thing we need to do is manipulate them [ the fears of loyalists ] and exploit them and I fear that is what is happening.” Earlier in the day several hundred people linked arms to encircle Belfast City Hall during a five- minute prayer vigil in response to trouble over the past two weeks. Organisers said afterwards that they were delighted with the turn-out. They said that it sent out a powerful message that people supported peace. A whistle sounded to begin and end the short vigil. Andrew Masters, who was one of the organisers, said : ” The last 10 days have reminded us that while we have come so far we still have a journey ahead of us. ” We wanted to do something really positive and just pray for peace and hope.” Nearly 30 officers have been injured during recent outbreaks of violence across the North of Ireland.


Ulster Volunteer Force

THE UVF are trying to ‘ hood ‘ – wink the public-yet again. But we’ve got news for both PUP propagandists. Because one of the UVF’s ‘ main men ‘ spearheaded and acted as front man at a protest on the Donegal Road, near the Broadway roundabout, last Monday evening. He’s no stranger to protests and parades, as we have reported, in both words and pictures, before. He’s Colin Fulton. Nicknamed ‘ The Meerkat ‘, he’s the so-called ‘ Commanding Officer ‘ of the UVF in the Village area of South Belfast. It was close to there on Monday night that 400 protesters gathered. And who popped up – as usual – out of the crowd. None other than the ‘ The Meerkat ‘. He identified himself only as ‘ Colin ‘. But it was the local ‘CO’ all right : Colin Fulton. At the protest, missiles were thrown at police lines. But the protest was eventually wound up after two hours. So much, however, for the latest UVF Big Lie. Back in September, when rioting erupted in Carlisle Circus in Belfast – three nights of violence which put 47 police officers in hospital – Winky Irvine, 36, also insisted : ” There is no UVF involvement in this.” But here don’t take my word for it read the writing on the walls.