The Three-Headed Dog That Kills Babies – And The Irish Angle On The Newtown Massacre That Niall O’Dowd Won’t Be Writing About

The Broken Elbow

In Greek and Roman mythology, Cereberus is the three headed dog that guards the gates of Hell, and prevents those who have crossed the River Styx ever returning to safety.

Cereberus, or to give it its proper name Cereberus Capital Management,  is also the name of a multi-billion dollar private investment company that made a tidy little profit out of the slaughter at Newtown, Ct. When the crazed son of an equally insane “prepper” – an apocalyptic offshoot of American right-wing survivalism which preaches the need to prepare for societal breakdown – killed twenty children between 6 and 7 years old, and seven adults, six of them teachers and one his mother, he was using some of Cereberus’ best products.

But you wouldn’t know that Cereberus is the company that makes the Bushmaster M4 carbine that was the principal weapon used in the attack or that it also made the…

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