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The tensions between nationalists / Catholics and loyalists / Protestants remain largely unresolved in Northern Ireland and occasionally a violent incident or a turbulent public order situation reminds us that this country has not found closure from the thirty years of the Troubles. This is difficult in a society with well over 1000 unsolved murders and when graphic evidence does emerge around high-profile killings in the past with state involvement. This is the case with the Finucane murder and the de Silva report on it published yesterday.

In essence, this is what I tackled in my book – to what extent was the state involved in a number of controversial killings? Probably we will never know because archives are embargoed, documents have disappeared, memories have faded and participants have died. But my suspicion is that leading politicians were too wily to give direct, traceable “orders” and rather made their wishes…

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One comment on “Finucane and the de Silva Report – Maurice Punch

  1. Na cheilteach,Gaeilge,Dhilis lehEireann says:

    Its much higher than many realize and our own personal views may differ on the above . But it all leads to a few facts. One is Britain/Englands view on our Celtic,Irish,Gaelic faithful resistance to their oppression etc . They have perpetrated,sanctioned all sorts of actions regardless on the morality involved.We are and have what they dont as their, only way to conquer failed. We are still Celtic,Gaelic, Irish and faithful. A Bheannachti Dhia ar agaibh go leir

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