The Maximal Zionist Project Is To Have A Minimal Palestine: Interview with Gregory Harms

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The following interview is reproduced with the kind permission of Kourosh Ziabari. It was originally published at on 27th November, 2012. Gregory Harms is the author of The Palestine-Israel Conflict(3rd edition, Pluto, 2012).

American journalist and scholar Gregory Harms believes that the recent 8-day Israeli war on the Gaza Strip might have been waged to distract public attention from the internal socioeconomic crises and problems the Israeli regime faces, especially ahead of the January 2013 legislative elections. He believes that launching airstrikes on Gaza may serve to give Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud party a secure vote in the upcoming elections.

Gregory Harms“[P]ushing the Gaza button focuses Israelis on matters of security. The population in Israel is highly manipulated and taught to be fearful… Israel’s isolation is bad for the country and its people; it cultivates a very unhealthy national psychology. As a result – and quite similar to…

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