New books from Pluto in December – Cruel Harvest / Arms and the People / Contesting Transformation

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Good afternoon radicals and book-lovers! After the flood comes the frost, and who better to turn to in these chilly times than Pluto? Our books are highly flammable – the kindling, if you will, to set alight righteous flames in wearied hearts. And, because we know times are tough, our Christmas sale is still on, until the 10th December. Check out this blog post for further details.

As for today, here’s a quick run-down of December’s offerings:

Julien Mercille, Cruel Harvest: US Interventions in the Afghan Drug Trade

Mainstream commentators claim that the Taliban are the main culprits behind Afghanistan’s skyrocketing drug trade and that the US military is waging a war on drugs in Afghanistan to weaken the insurgency and keep our streets free of heroin.

Cruel Harvest lifts the lid on the reality behind the mainstream narrative, showing that the United States in fact shares a large part…

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