Widespread Human Rights Abuses in Gaza

The Irish Law & Democracy Committee

Israel is to be condemned for its continued use of disproportionate violence and aggression against the tiny enclave of Gaza. An area which holds a population equivalent to that of the North of Ireland in an geographical location  26 miles by 6 miles comparable with the Ards Peninsula and what has been described as one of the most densely populated areas in the world where 50% of the population are children and unemployment due to the Siege inspired by Israel and America and copper fastened by Egypt.

A Lack of clean drinking water and hospital equipment and a situation whereby drugs and surgical services are scant, and where people die for lack of penicillin where cancer drugs are not available.

Israel also refuses to allow people from the west bank to visit their families in Gaza or in Israel. And what is the reason for the siege? The people of Palestine democratically elected…

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