Statement from An Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh Portlaoise Gaol POWs for function in Glasgow:

The Republican Separatist Prisoners of An Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh Portlaoise Gaol extend our warmest fraternal greetings to you the Republican Socialist people of Alba.
May we convey our most sincere gratitude to you for the efforts you have exerted, the time you have sacrificed and the money you have spent to be here on our behalf.

As you listen to these words we are enclosed behind the same steel doors that have held us from our families for countless nights in isolation and voices suppressed, but this night is different than all the confined nights before as tonight we have a voice beyond the confines of Free Stateincarceration and that voice is your support this evening.Your presence here compliments a project designed to inspire Republican cohesion. Our project aims to promote inclusive dialogue amongst all Republicans by encouraging the expression of independent thought and building a spirit of comradeship through selfless activism without undermining existing loyalties or burdening progress with bureaucracy. Hunger Strike Martyr Bobby Sandssaid that Everyone has there own part to play and our presence is built upon enshrining that glorious vision with action.We have designated the myth that Republicanism is weak as British Propaganda. We witnessed true weakness. It was presented to us as elite strength at the negotiating tables of Hillsborough and Stormont Castles where our nations rights were sold. We have experienced weakness disguised as political prowess to conceal the abandoning of Irish Republican Separatism in place of futile electoral pursuits. There is no Republican weak in Portlaoise Maghaberry Hydebank wood or Lithuania today, all of us have one thing binding us in comradeship our refusal to be broken by time. We are proud to serve our nation in this era with all the men and women who share this time along side us. Do not be fooled by grandiose political gesturing or rejuvenated Normalisation policies we have survived weakness exposed the falsehood and regained the strength and resilience that defines our people.

We replace the negative term division with the logical and truthful term diversity. Everyone has a right to partake in Irish Republicanism and Socialism, no one individual, leadership group or entity can lay claim to this right if you wish to join a political party or movement we encourage you do so, we implore you to study them all intensively until you have found the ethos that best represents your right to be free and to work for that freedom treated as an equal and valued as a comrade.

If you wish to remain independent we encourage you to do so inclusively but we implore you to expound that independence with constant political writings activism or which ever expression best compliments your right to liberty and the pursuit of Sovereign independence.

Incarcerated we were led to believe that there were limits to what we could achieve or what cause we could assist. The unnatural environment of captivity naturally breeds negativity but through simple, responsible and respectful debate amongst friends and comrades we developed a momentum which has confronted these bulwarks against our collective potential and that momentum has led us here to you tonight and the conclusion that there can be no limits possibly imposed upon a free being. There is nothing we cannot achieve.

This is the first public expression of an endeavour designed to inspire people to seize victory through activating your right to pursue National Liberation. To all of our comrades from all the parties, movements and groups who have shown us their respect and support we pledge to return to you the decency and respect you have paid us thus far with actions.

There are no words to express the happiness of knowing we exist outside of a prison cell at night in the minds of the Republican people, no way to explain the pride of knowing homes we left behind are being discussed tonight by our comrades, no relief like knowing this Christmas our children will receive a gift and no elation like that of being sure that prison has not and cannot prevent us from assisting the Cause of Irish Freedom.

We are humbled by your contribution on our behalf tonight and we are eternally grateful to you all. Go raibh maith agaibh!

Republican Integrity!

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Cumann Sean MacEachaidh

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