Live Blog6 #GazaUnderAttack

Nineteen. Forty. Seven

Continuous feed of updates from Gaza Wednesday 21th November 2012.
All reports in Local Gaza Time, Latest reports at the top of the page.

Harry Fear’s Live U stream:

For the 20th of November follow:
For the 19th November follow:
For the 18th November follow:
For the 17th November follow: 
For the 16th November follow:

Approx 23:21
San’aa “A ceasefire has held since 9PM Gaza time, I must admit I was very skeptical but now I understand that our battle is far from over. For all those who’ve supported our blog and our live updates, thank you for helping us fight this information war. Thank you for wanting to hear the REAL stories in Gaza and thank you for caring. The Gazan people need us today and they will need us tomorrow and we must always be there to answer their calls. We must help…

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