#OpIsrael — The Use of Human Shields by the Israeli Defense Force.

The most common argument we have been facing while displaying support for the people of Gaza is this:


“@schuckmama Shoot at me and I can never defend because you use human shields? Well played.”

argument. First, yes: Hamas
has been repeatedly accused of using human shields during combat. There is video evidence of it. This includes firing mortars from locations near schools and mosques. These kinds of cowardly tactics are disgusting.What is very ignorant is the response we are receiving regarding Hamas use of human shields, while completely ignoring the fact that Israel not only uses human shields, but it was actually legal at one point for their military to do so. In fact, within the last decade the Israeli Defense Ministry appealed a decision by a supreme court that outlawed it.Let me provide you with some links:

BBC News Reports: IDF to appeal human shield ban

U.N. Human Rights Council endorses Gaza war crimes report:

Two IDF soldiers charged with using 9-year-old ‘human shield’ in Gaza war

Although I somehow doubt it, I would hope this knowledge would shed a little light on the immense propaganda campaign being carried out against Palestinians and the cover-up of similar Israeli crimes. It’s important to remember, these crimes are willingly carried out by a military and U.S. Ally. No one believes that the actions of a single Israeli soldier reflects the character of all other Israeli citizens. It is the intention of Israel however to ensure that the entire world uses the words ‘Palestinian’ and ‘Hamas’ interchangeably. Because the Hamas are labelled as terrorists (for committing the same crimes as the IDF) the rest of the world is only one step away from equating all Palestinians with the word terrorism.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 October 2005, 15:34 GMT 16:34 UK 

IDF to appeal human shield ban

The Israeli Defence Ministry will appeal against a supreme court ruling banning the use of Palestinian human shields in raids, officials said

Israeli soldiers make a Palestinian resident enter a house in Nablus in August 2002

The practice of using human shields is against international law

Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz is prepared to make a personal appearance in court to defend the practice, ministry officials added.

Human rights groups have frequently condemned the use of human shields.

The Israeli military believes that the use of Palestinian civilians can often defuse a tense situation.

Mr Mofaz is also set to argue that alternative methods of apprehending suspects, such as through the use of bulldozers, would endanger the lives of both Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians, a military source said.

Early warning

The Israeli supreme court issued its formal ruling last week, saying the practice violates international law.

It had already issued a temporary injunction against the practice in 2002 after a teenager was killed when troops made him negotiate with a wanted militant.

The court ruled out both the placing of civilians in front of soldiers on operations and an “early warning” procedure employed by the army.

In this practice, the Israeli army would force local Palestinians to approach the homes of militants and ask them to surrender


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