Dot Éire – An Irish Solution To An English Problem


I’ve talked before on An Sionnach Fionn about the need for a dedicated Irish language internet address for Ireland, what is known as a country-code top-level domain name (or ccTLD). At the moment Ireland’s ccTLD is .ie (which stands for dot.ireland not dot.ireland/éire as some mealy-mouthed individuals have claimed). This gives Irish-based websites the option of using a country-specific ending for their internet address, a .ie instead of the more generic .com or .org. In Wales they have been campaigning for several years for a dedicated Welsh language domain ending, .cym. In Scotland the SNP government in Edinburgh is backing the campaign there for a .scot address with a related movement calling for a .alba for Scottish language sites. The suggestion in Scotland is for government websites using the English language to be hosted with the .scot address while the Scottish (Gaelic) language versions would…

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