Nooshin from Iran

Elections are coming in Israel (same in the USA). Again it’s going to be all about being strong and ready. Strong and ready is good, but it’s not a dream. The dream is Peace. Peace is the key to most of our problems within Israel and with our neighbours.

Sadly many people are afraid of it; after years of wars, they have lost faith in Peace.
War is our curse. Fear rules the region.
With fear and war come poverty, racism, and fundamentalism.
It is up to us, the new generation in Israel and in the entire Middle East, to break the circle, to prove that there is another path, a better future: Peace. Elections are coming. It’s time we step forward for ourselves.
Vote for PEACE.
Make the change.
We are calling you to send a message to the people in Israel and to show the people of the Middle East that we are not enemies. Let’s make this work NOW. VOTE FOR PEACE.

Send us a picture of you and be part of the call

donate at:

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