Natural or not, Ireland’s FOXY FEST is the place for you!

The beautiful seaside village of Crosshaven in County Cork will transform into a sea of red on Saturday August 24th, 2013! There will be lots of opportunities for you to discover your natural hair-itage at Ireland’s only and original ‘Foxy Fest’! There are lots of activities including freckle counting competitions

, a redhead parade, ginger chef cook-off, redhead photo shoots, certificates for all genuine gingers, fire eating and discounts throughout Crosshaven village for natural redheads.

Redheads are in the minority and make up only 2% of the world’s population, so if you are not already blessed with naturally fiery locks, we still invite to you attend with red hair dying facilities and competitions for the ‘Best Wannabe Redhead’

Of course … there has to be a joke at this point …

Question – what’s the difference between a red-headed woman and a terrorist?
Answer – you can negotiate with a terrorist!

All this madness is in aid of The Irish Cancer Society so help us to help them and to spread ginger pride throughout the universe!

(M) ♥

 — with Omar Ghraieb.

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