Anarchism anyone?

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Afternoon book-lovers and radicals,

Tomorrow is the annual London Anarchist Bookfair, taking place at Queen Mary’s in London. The bookfair is one of a number of spaces for anarchists around the UK and the world to come together. It features rooms filled with discussions, workshops, a crèche,  stalls and, as you’d expect, all the books you’d ever want to read about anarchism and autonomous, radical politics.

Pluto staff go every year and spend far more money than they should on new books. One year I managed to get a 1913 edition of Peter Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid for £8. I’ve stroked its cover lovingly ever since – though it’s much too precious to actually read – that’s what cheap, modern paperbacks are for.

So, while you prepare yourself to buy books and strengthen affinity groups (between the hours of 10am-7pm), why not keep an eye out for some of the following Pluto books…

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