To: Education Minister of the N.Ireland Assembly

For years the education system in N.Ireland has tried to hide, refuse and torture the parents of children with Cerebral Palsy that have decided to attend the Buddy Bear Trust Conductive Education School. The children in N.Ireland deserve the right to the same options that all other kids have throughout the U.K indeed throughout the world. So Minister Of Education in the Stormont Executive of the N.Ireland Assembly we the people have signed this petition for this school to be secured and funded as is any other school in N.Ireland and these children get the same chance to progress as any child in conductive education throughout the U.K. This petition has been set up and created by Gary McCann the parent of Katie Maguire a child who needs this school.

Hope enables us to endure all the ups and downs that impacts on every family. Hope gives us the strength to keeping going until things change.
We hope for a better day .we hope for a better job. we hope our children will be blessed with good health. We hope our children will have a better future than us their parents

Hope is almost ripped away by professionals when they decide to explain
to parents that they live in Ireland. have a child with very special needs /. / a child with Very severe disabilities who will be unlikely to walk, talk, swallow, hold a spoon, go to the toilet unaided and worst of all be unable to talk and in some cases be unable to see
.When hope is removed only fear, anxiety and dependency on professionals for some form of comfort remains. We all hope that the professionals who gave us the numbing news and vision of the nightmare of our futures and the agony we must endure because we will never know why our child is crying will be able to show us a way forward.
Do the professional help us and show us the way forward or do they hold us to ransom by giving us the minimum of practical help and support ,do they really care when they tell us that they can only provide their help every three or four weeks and complain about money shortage,

Worse happens when they don’t tell us that a glimmer of hope may be found in Dungannon at the Buddy Bear Trust Conductive Education School , it is the only conductive education school in Ireland. The Education Boards have know about this special school for 20 years but they never told us. Why What right have they to deny us information that could help our child.

We know that the Assembly wants to help the school.
We hope that John O’Dowd Minister of Education will help. Boards should be made to tell parents,
We call on parents of children with special needs to petition the Minister to help our children and make the Boards tell parents instead of hiding the facts from parents who have to live with the knowledge that their child can not speak or ask for help! What information and help are the Education Boards keeping from the thousands of parents of children with special needs if they can’t tell us about a special school the Boards have sent children to be educated, shame on them
Don’t leave Wee Katie trapped for life
Help us free Katie from cerebral palsy
Be a Buddy for Katie

  1. Update #1

    Posted by Gary McCann (Cause Leader) on October 23
    Hi can i first of all say a big thank you to all that has the Children’s petition which you are given the children a voice. But to make our goal achievable we need a lot more signatures can i please ask that you could maybe take a minute to add your friends to the request a signature list this can make it grow so much faster for us.

A Big thank you once again from all the children and parents at the Buddy Bear School for all your support


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