Basque Voters Take A Decisive Nationalist Turn


Its been a night of celebrations for progressives nationalists in the Basque Country as the centre-left EH Bildu coalition saw a major increase in its vote following Sunday’s regional elections. The pro-independence group took 21 seats out of the 75-seat Eusko Legebiltzarra or Basque Parliament, while their rivals in the conservative PNV, a regionalist party with nationalist leanings, took 27 seats, a loss of 3. The PNV is almost certain to form the next regional government, possibly with support from EH Bildu, as public opinion in the Basque Country becomes increasingly pro-independent. From the Guardian:

“Separatist tensions within the European Union looked set to grow with a surge of support for pro-independence parties at regional elections held on Sunday in Spain‘s northern Basque country.

A separatist coalition, EH Bildu, became the region’s second biggest political group, taking a quarter of the vote as it reaped a peace dividend following armed separatist group Eta‘s decision to end four decades of…

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