The First South Asian LGBTI Games started yesterday.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, the director of the Blue Diamond Society, Sunil Babu Pant, said the games would help profile the LGBTI communityand encourage hidden members of the LGBTI community to come out and be open about themselves.

However, he warned the community of the major challenges ahead, citing the

 inability or unwillingness of successive Nepali governments to legalize gay marriage, despite a Supreme Courtverdict in 2007, which ordered equality. Pant called on the government to assist the LGBTI community in matters relating to health, education, and employment opportunities.

Guest of honour, American Olympian gold medallist Greg Louganis, expressed his joy at being able to come to Nepal, a dream he had long held. He encouraged the athletes to give their best effort and never let anyone make them feel they were inferior in any way, especially when it came to sports.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Peter Tatchell


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