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It has been a few weeks since my last update and I apologise as I’ve been snowed under, I hope you enjoy this one, please feel free to give me feedback, good or bad.

Invited to speak in British Parliament on Police accountability

Last week I received an invite to speak to Parliament in relation to the failing British police watchdog, the IPCC. I will be speaking to a highly influential body of Parliamentarians at the Home Affairs Select Committee on November the 6th 2012. I understand the public can be in attendance and it may well (as it often is) televised.

The Committee was initiated following the demonstration that I helped organise outside the London offices of the IPCC on May the 1st this year. This was a great event which saw people from all walks of life, groups and sections of society come together for a common cause, the injustice of a system which fails to hold the police to account.

I will be giving my evidence, gained from years of experience with the system and from sharing the stories of other people who have suffered from police oppression/brutality/corruption. The system is badly flawed and at times clearly complicit, I will not be pulling my punches when I attend.

The Committee details can be found at the following link; http://tinyurl.com/94jh4ww

Supreme Court- case of Gujra

On the 4th of October the much awaited case of Gujura took place, this case will have a huge impact on Private Criminal Prosecutions (PP) in the UK. In short the case is about the lawfulness of the Crown Prosecutor taking over these cases and usually shutting them down. The right to privately prosecute is a constitutional safeguard, and like all things constitutional they cannot just be removed by the stroke of a pen.

I watched the case as it will have an impact on my private prosecution against the member of the Metropolitan police for perverting the course of justice, currently stayed at Luton Crown court. The argument by the CPS barrister was struck a huge blow when Lord Kerr interrupted and stated that;

“your argument that Parliament intended the CPS to have a supervisory/management role in respect to Private prosecutions is somewhat undermined by the fact there is no notification process implemented. How can Parliament intended for the CPS to supervise PP’s if the CPS don’t even know they are happening?”

The CPS barrister look reeled, went slightly red faced, sat down and then got up to spout some very unconvincing reply. The reply was to the effect that “well we can supervise the ones we find out about”…. I guess that’s the ones against the police or other government agents…..

The Supreme court response is expected within 8 weeks, I will let you know what this is as soon as I find out and it’s impact on my current historic case. LINK to Supreme court details –http://tinyurl.com/9nz3snd

Cambridge Court ‘alleged’ assault

The journey of a civil liberties campaigner is never an easy road, mine has and continues to be as tough as ever. Whilst attempting to lay information (not related to my case) before Cambridge Magistrates court I was met with considerable obstruction. The next thing I found myself being assaulted by court security.

I summoned the assistance of Cambridgeshire police and was promptly arrested for the alleged assault of the head of security at the court….. I spent the day in jail. I love the city of Cambridge as it has such a nice ambiance to it and I have many good friends in both the university and city.

I was subsequently charged and am having to stand trial for this bogus allegation, sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve had to stand trial in a British court on false allegations. My trial date is the 20th of November at Stevenage Magistrates, i am looking forward to clearing my name once again.

Since my arrest I have been chasing the prosecutor for the evidence they hold, in particular the CCTV from the court house. They have been most reluctant to hand it over, so on the 8th of October I initiated a case management hearing to force their hand. Moments before the hearing, a rather sheepish Prosecutor by the name of Mr Mansfield handed over the CCTV I have been requesting for the last two months.

You can view some of this CCTV material via the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcja2nF_0jc

I am the ‘gentleman’ in the suit with a law book in my hand, I would appreciate your feedback on how you view events, indeed I may print them off and hand them into the court as part of my evidence file………

I will keep you updated on progress with this case and hope that those of you in the Stevenage area may make it down to the actual trial, I promise you will be in for quite a spectacle.

Second Private prosecution – Kidnap and other charges

The matter of officer Gareth Blackburn and Detective Stephen MacDonald was supposed to be before Southwark Crown Court, London on the 19th of Oct at 10am. This has now been changed to 26th of October at 10am, if you were planning on attending this plea hearing then please amend your diaries.

The case has also been called up by Judge Leonard for this Fri 12/10/12 for a ‘mention’. I have been informed he wants to see all the parties to the case…… sounds ominous, I will let you all know what happened.

If you are unfamiliar with this case you may view the press reports in links below.

Defamation case

It has become an all too well known tactic of the police to smear those who refuse to accept their corrupt practices, Hillsborough being just one recent notorious example.

My case is no different and I have had to suffer the police at Commander level smearing me to a politician who had taken up the challenge with the police. When I discovered the offending email, back last summer, I initiated defamation proceedings in the High Court.

The police asked to go to mediation with me, the deadline set for this has expired without so much as a phone-call and so off we go to trial. This is you might guess at a massive cost to the public purse, but hey in these austerity times, what’s a few quid to the Metropolitan Police budget…….

The Met police have made an application to strike out the case (yawn) which will be heard sometime toward the latter end of November. There are significant issues in this case, not only my own reputation but the very serious issues of misuse of police information and interference with political representation.

In addition to this the Commander has recently ‘resigned’ (a sure sign their in do do) and he is facing an misconduct investigation. All he was asked to do by the politician was to comment on the article “Web of lies”. Oh my oh my, how and where do they get them…..

Jimmy SaVILE

News has been bursting with stories about the sexual miscreant Jimmy SaVILE (appropriate name if ever I saw) and his prolific abuse of young children in his time as a celebrated BBC star. People have come out of the wood work to confirm that it was a well known issue, this saddens me deeply.

Do we really live in a society whereby the majority can simply turn a blind eye to issues of child abuse? Sadly it seems from this story and my own experience this is very much the case. As you know, my torrid time with the Metropolitan police properly started when I reported that my daughter was being groomed via the internet by a miscreant such as SaVILE.

The Metropolitan Police’s response was not to investigate, but to dawn raid my home and put me through the stressful experience of a criminal trial. Maybe those people who turned a blind eye to SaVILE’s dirty secrets knew this would be the response of the authorities, to kill the messenger…..

That said, I know I did the right thing and would do it again in a heartbeat, I hope you would too.

David Icke

My case has been picked up and noticed by David Icke himself, when a friend emailed around asking if people could assist with JusticeNOW and my campaign, primarily office space. David Icke put it up on his very well internationally followed website, you can see the link to the headline here;


As always, if there are ways you wish to assist I would be most grateful. I trust you can see that my efforts to stand up against injustice are beneficial to all.

Dates for your diary

12/10/12 – kidnap case goes before Southwark Crown court (10am) for a ‘mention’

16/10/12 – 3rd private prosecution laying of information at a court yet to be announced…..

23/10/12 – Parliamentary select Committee sitting (public can attend) reference police watchdog IPCC

25/10/12 – I am giving a talk to the ‘Kent Freedom movement’ details via link –http://tinyurl.com/8c6h3dq

26/10/12 – Plea hearing in kidnap criminal prosecution at Southwark Crown court (10am) Please try to make this one.

27/10/12 – Deaths in custody annual march – gather Trafalgar square at midday [not to be missed]

29/10/12 – start of the Alfie Meadows (2nd) trial for assault against police, even though they cracked his skull……

30/10/12 – Hertfordshire Magistrates court 10am – case management hearing for the alleged court security assault

06/11/12 – I speak to Parliament on lack of police accountability and failures of the police watchdog the IPCC

20/11/12 – trial date for the Cambridgeshire court security alleged assault, be there or be square….. this will be worth it..

then we’re nearly at Christmas and the time of peace and goodwill to all men….

My very best to one and all,

POSTED ON BEHALF OF : Michael Doherty


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