‎*Lisbrook House asylum centre residens and supporters will hold a candlelight vigil tomorrow night (Friday 12 October) at 8pm outside the facility

*Appeal for supporters and local community in Galway to come show its support for Lisbrook House *

Location of County Galway on island of Ireland
Upon hearing the news that Lisbrook House is to close its doors, residents and supporters of the facility have decided to hold a candlelight vigil outside the facility tomorrow evening at 8pm.

273 men, women and children have been left devastated with the news that the facility, which has been home to many people for several years, is to close its doors. The residents of Lisbrook House are playing an integral role in the local Galway community but now are being scandalously moved out from their homes.
Many children will now have to change schools whilst their families are relocated across the country. The claim by Minister for Justice Alan Shatterthat this is a cost saving exercise does not add up as Lisbrook House is currrently full to capacity. One of the criteria for succesful residency applications is for applicants to display a propensity to play an active role in their local communities so this decision will be damaging to the residents in many ways.Despite very poor conditions at Lisbrook House, the facility has become home to many people and they are urging the supporters and the people of Galway to come show their support tomorrow by joining them in holding this candlight vigil.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Seán O’hAmhsaigh


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