After reading a few misleading reports today on Facebook about the 4 men from Tyrone I wish to clear up a few things. On Sunday 30th September I was contacted by the families of Tommy Hamill and Martin Mc Gilloway who voiced concerns to me about the medical conditions of the two men after their hunger strike.

Both of the men were showing side effects of the hunger strike which was causing great concern to their family members who visited them on Sunday. I informed the families I would contact the Governor of the prison to request they see a doctor. I phoned the prison several times this morning and was unable to speak to him. After 2pm today I spoke to the Deputy Governor and relayed my concerns about the men’s condition and requested they have access to a doctor for a full examination and treatment, this conversation lasted for 30 minutes.

I was contacted at 4pm by the Deputy Governor and informed that an appointment with the doctor will take place on Thursday morning. This decision has been welcomed by both families. During this conversation I also raised the issue of all four of the men transferring to Roe 4 to be among their republican comrades. I informed him that there was no threat to these men from Roe 4 republicans and they were welcome into that wing. This issue is still under consideration and I trust that when the men make a full recovery we will succeed with the transfer.
To conclude I have the permission to speak on behalf of these families and to represent them mediating on behalf of the men. “Families and Friends of Republican Prisoners” will speak on behalf of all prisoners, anyone else making statements are not helping the situation as they are not in possession of all the facts.
I hope this clears up any concerns or worries their friends and community have and I will keep you all updated on a regular basis.
Independent Republican Councillor Angela Nelson.

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Nollaig StPauli Connolly

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