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  1. Joshua says:

    I only hope one day RAAD come in to Craigavon Drumellan court and clean scam bug drugs dealers from estate ones for all

  2. justine bellward says:

    I’m not saying I agree with vigilante action on dealers, but, children learn from the adults around them and if the law allows dealers to operate around children then just maybe society or a section of it has the right to take action against the dealers and against the law. For instance I know of a family who have been dealing in my area for a number of years. They are an English family and moved to our country because growing cannabis and dealing it is easier than in England, they have also dealt other drugs like heroin and ecstasy but cannabis gave them a good enough life to buy and improve their own property in our country. The has law failed our children again and again as can be seen in the article

    The law is also an ass or is covering for them because it says in the article that Mulholland’s family have no criminal history yet this article long before Mulholland’s latest appearance would argue the non criminal history of his family

    I’m told the family where registered addicts in the UK and never worked in England, they have been in our country for 15 years and again have never worked. Instead they live of our benefit system and the drugs they deal. Why is our legal system failing us, if its that easy for outsiders to profit from dealing then it must be a joke to our brothers and sisters born here. Yes the methods used by RAAD maybe wrong because of their brutality but the option is to let our children grow up in a system that allows profit from drug dealing, a system that is incompetent to provide correct evidence to the court or for some reason does not provide that evidence.

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