PSG activists and supporters face Political Policing.

Prisoner Solidarity Group-Cork City

On the 30th of June the PSG held a white line picket in Cork city in solidarity with Republican Prisoners.
On the 17th of August PSG activists and supporters received summons to court for mid November, charged with obstructing traffic and public order. At no time was traffic obstructed an no one was in breach of the public order intoxicating liquor act. Just this morning an Éirígí comrade from Tipperary recieved a Fine for postering with us.

This is typical Anti-Republican policing from the Special Branch.
PSG activists have been harassed on a number of occasions while out postering and on the monthly demos themselves.
Some of those charged with public order were not even approached by the Garda Special Branch on the day or members of the public order unit, even to ask them the usual “name and address” routine.

We are Republican and Socialist  activists engaged in a…

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