A Scottish Map Of Scotland – But Where Is The Irish Map Of Ireland?

An Sionnach Fionn

Paul T. Kavanagh and Newsnet Scotland, the Scottish nationalist news and current affairs site, have done their nation and the Gaelic-speaking world in general a great service by producing a new Scottish language (Scottish Gaelic) map of Scotland. Largely based upon the work of Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba, the Scottish Place-Names of Scotland project (the equivalent of Ireland’s Bunachar Logainmneacha na hÉireann) and some of their own original research, this is one of several self-confident statements to come from Scottish-speakers in the last five years as their community sees signs of new growth.

“Newsnet Scotland has a commitment to Scottish language and culture.  But we have limited time and limited resources, so instead we decided to focus our energies on a single project to promote the Gaelic language, one which would speak equally to Gael and non-Gael alike.

For the first time in Scottish history, Newsnet Scotland…

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