CONVICTED bomber Dolours Price has made new claims about Gerry Adam’s alleged role in the IRA and said he had ordered bomb attacks in Britain including the Old Bailey bombing. Price (61) reiterated previous claims about the Sinn Feins leader’s involvement in relation to the Disappeared.

Gerry Adams

The former West Belfast MP, now a TD in Louth, rejected Price’s claims. ” I reject again, as I have consistently rejected, the allegations contained in the interview,” he said. Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Price said the information she was giving were the details included in her interviews with researchers at Boston College in the US. She said in the interveiw tat she ” drove away ” mother-of-10 Jean McConville, who was abducted and killed by the PIRA in 1972. Price was amoung several republican and loyalist paramilitaries interveiwed by former IRA member Anthony McIntyre and journalist Ed Moloney for the college’s Belfast Project. The PSNI is seeking to access all material from Price’s Boston College interveiw as part of the investigation into the murder of Jean McConville. However, earlier this month, Mr Moloney said Price’s interveiw ” didn’t mention ” Jean McConville. In the interveiw with The Sunday Telegraph Price said Adams had been the IRA Belfast brigade’s officer commanding and had backed her idea for a bombing campaign in Britain. ” I had long been of the opinion that, fight as we could, the Brits would let us keep going so long as the death and destruction was kept at a respectable distance from mother England,” she said.

” I was convinced that a short sharp shock, an incursion into the heart of the empire, would be more effective than 20 car bombs in any part of the norh of Ireland. ” I presented the plan to Gerry Adams and he then had to take it to the whole brigade staff – people such as Ivor Bell. ” They then had to send it up to the general headquarters staff and then to Sean Mac Stiofain, then the chief of staff. They had to discuss and sanction it, which they did.” Price said Adams had asked that ” four of the finest ” IRA members be brought togeather from each of Belfast’s three IRA battalions. ” For the meeting I sat on the arm of Adams ‘ chair,” Price said. “Adams started talking and said it was a big, dangerous operation. He said ” This could be a hanging job “. ” He said : ” If anyone doesn’t want to go they should up and leave now through the back door at 10-minute intervals.” ” The ones that were left were the ones that went. I was left organising it, to be the OC of the whole shebang.”

 Price also said she had acted as a driver to take alleged informers across the border which she said was the ” hardest thing ” she ever had to do. ” I never knew for sure their ultimate end. I was simply told by Gerry Adams to take the people away, a couple of lads or whatever. Some I knew their fate, some I didn’t,” she said. ” I drove away Jean McConville. I don’t know who gave the instructions to execute her. Obviously it was decided between the General Headquerters staff and the people in Belfast. “Gerry Adams would have been part of that negotiation as to what was to happen to her.” Price said she had given the interviews to Boston College ” for a kind of score-settling reason “. ” I wanted very much to put Gerry Adams where he belonged and where he had been,” she said. ” We had worked so closely with him, on many occasions and taken orders from him on many occasions and then to deny us, particularly after we had been through such a harrowing experience in prison….. we were offended that he chose to deny us as much as he chose to deny his belonging to the IRA.” She also said the peace process ” should be undermined “. ” I think the process should be destroyed in some way and I think Gerry Adams deserves to admit to his part in all of the things that happened,” she said.


  1. Mary price says:

    The truth is coming out and will be placed in Gerrys face. Of course he will deny it, he is a traitor.

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