Palestinians in Israel – reviewed

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Nearly a year after its publication, Ben White’s excellent introduction to the contradictory nature of Israeli democracy, Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy (Pluto, 2011), has been reviewed in Palestine News. Abe Hayeem describes White’s contribution as an ‘indispensable companion to his earlier book on Israeli Apartheid’, punctuated with a ‘wry and lucid commentary’.

Hayeem’s wonderful, concise review concludes with the following assessment:

Ben’s talent for unearthing damning quotations reveals the sheer unabashed racism of not only today’s far-right MKs but of Israel’s founding fathers. His concluding chapter links the situation of Palestinians on both sides of the green line and asks us to consider the only scenario that can change the current situation of relentless colonisation by “re-imagining the Jewish and Palestinian presence in Palestine/lsrael and a future based on a genuine co-existence of equals, rather than ethno-religious supremacy and segregation.”

We strongly advise everyone interested in Palestine related issues to track down a copy…

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