In Proud and Loving Memory of a dedicated republican and ex P.O.W. Vol Jim Gallagher Murdered 17/5/1976

Vol Jim Gallagher  Murdered 17/5/1976

Vol Jim Gallagher was incarcerated in Magilligan P.O.W.Camp in 1973, having refused to recognise the British Diplock court. Upon his release on Tuesday, 11th May 1976, a Brit stationed at the gaol told Jim that both of his parents were Irish, and that he could understand the reasons for the 

Irish struggle for independence. He advised Jim to escape across the border otherwise he would be killed. Unfortunately Jim did not take this warning seriously.

Six days later, on Monday, 17th May 1976, whilst returning from the ABC cinema, he was stopped and ‘P’ checked by British soldiers before boarding a bus at Guildhall Square. Brits passed by the bus, checking where he and a comrade were sitting. His comrade then asked to be let off the bus.

As it arrived at the Governor Road junction on the Strand Road, two British Army Land Rovers pulled out onto the road, slowing the bus to a halt. As it began moving off again shots were heard. The driver looked into the rear-view mirror and noticed windows “wobbling”. Jim cried out, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I’m shot”. Patsy Lamberton (who was sitting next to him) slumped over his seat, with his stomach blown open by the rounds from an SLR 7.62 fired from a Sangar at Fort George barracks. Jim Gallagher was hit in the neck. A lady on the street was also struck by a stray bullet.

Last Rites were administered to both Jim and Patsy at Pennyburn Chapel. Jim died soon afterwards.

The Brit who murdered Jim is named David Walter Scott, from the Cheshire Regiment. In another failing of the British judicial system, a so-called court case was held, finding that Scott was a cook rather than a trained marksman.

Hope this is an accurate description and does not upset any members of the family,
if any errors please inform me and will rectify

POSTED ON BEHALF OF :  Magilligan Ex Pows


2 comments on “In Proud and Loving Memory of a dedicated republican and ex P.O.W. Vol Jim Gallagher Murdered 17/5/1976

  1. Well written and fitting tribute to Jim Gallagher RIP. Your exposure of Jim,s Brit murderer ,David Walter Scott, from the Cheshire Regiment is good to see and let others who want these murders forgotten. Obair mhaith a chara .A Thiarna den throcaire ar anam a Sheamus agus gach dtrigitoiri na hEireann

  2. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to my dear brother Vol. Jim Gallagher. The H.E.T. report makes for an interesting read, it concluded “Without the input from David Walter Scott in our inquiry the truth may never be known”….Typical cover up to a well executed state murder.

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